Are you a restaurant owner or chef curious about how to begin your TikTok restaurant marketing strategy? Do you know what’s possible for TikTok restaurant marketing without paying for ads?

As a restaurant TikTok strategist, the most common questions people in the hospitality industry ask are:

  • What actually is on TikTok?
  • Who is on TikTok?
  • How do you know TikTok makes a difference?

The answers to these questions will prove to you that waiting to create an account on this social media platform could be a huge mistake.

Keep reading.


TikTok Videos for Restaurants: What’s on TikTok?

As of Autumn 2023 the hashtag #foodtok has 69.5 billion views on TikTok. And the hashtag #londonrestaurants has 790 million views.

To answer the question, ‘What is on TikTok?’ I say, ‘Anything you want to see.’

The ‘For You’ page shows viewers similar videos to what they watched the longest and engaged with the most recently. TikTok users refer to the common phenomenon of spending hours at a time on the platform as ‘going down rabbit hole.’

It’s based more on trends than any other platform for this reason. Once TikTok gets to ‘know’ you, it serves you video after video of similar content to what your watch habits dictate. It’s also very geographically savvy.

For example, if you watch the full length of a London restaurant video, your FYP will serve you more like this. This also means you will be less likely to see videos from accounts you follow. Unless they’re producing similar videos to your content preference path.

This is why in August 2022, Prabhakar Raghavan (a Vice President at Google) declared in an interview that TikTok was rivalling Google’s search products.

TikTok Videos for Restaurants: Who’s on TikTok?

Younger users of social media will tell you that they don’t ‘search’ for anything on the internet. Instead, they learn about products, places and experiences through what their social media algorithms serve them. And a lot of them are using TikTok.

‘Gen Xers’ might have previously searched something like ‘London Restaurants Near Me’ when in need of a place to eat in London. Whereas younger generations bookmark and save videos on social media that find THEM through their viewing habits. This group will use their saved videos to plan their dining experiences.

Like previous social media platforms, TikTok’s age range of users is growing older as it too matures. Research shows more people are increasing the time they spending on TikTok. And, the time they spend Instagram and Facebook is declining.

However 31% of current TikTok users are over age 40 now. This means the ‘search’ habits of this population will shift too. The viewer experience and ‘saved videos’ will shape their spending habits.

TikTok Videos for Restaurants: What’s NOT on TikTok

I began 2022 taking a deep dive on to the platform. For 10 years I have had the Sunny in London website, social media and YouTube channel. In the first six months of 2022 I accumulated 30,000 followers on TikTok. This was more than all other Sunny in London platforms combined.

My entry plan to TikTok was more like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland when I reflect on how much time I spent down the TikTok rabbit hole.

I studied what worked in terms of scripts, shot types, editing, timing of publishing and more.

It was shocking how iconic brands like Fortnum and Mason and various big London restaurant groups were NOT taking advantage of TikTok’s capabilities in 2022. In comparison to the overly edited, surreal presentation we conventionally see on Instagram, TikTok videos are far more forgiving.

In 2024 the numbers are still low for businesses using a TikTok restaurant marketing strategy. And videos can be made for TikTok at a far lower production cost than other social media platforms.

I’ve made several LinkedIn videos encouraging people to explore TikTok restaurant marketing. One very savvy owner of London’s longest-standing independent Michelin starred restaurant took the leap with me in February 2023. The journey has uncorked results worthy of the finest bubbly celebration.

TikTok Video for Restaurants: Who IS on TikTok

Since our success with this Pied à Terre TikTok account, I have taken on additional London restaurants for account management and consultation. One account I launched recently had the first 6 videos accrue 100,000 views. And that is from 0 followers on Day 1.

More restaurants are emerging with accounts and some videos on TikTok. Many are repurposing their Instagram videos. However, the results from that are not as explosive as videos that are just made for a TikTok audience.

Chefs and restaurateurs are starting to understand the power of organic reach through TikTok restaurant marketing. But there is certainly a fast track to success if you want to take it.


TikTok Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Every company and business owner wants to have a viral video. To be honest, who doesn’t want every video to be viral? Yet in reality, it’s not likely.

However, there is a reliable Tiktok restaurant marketing strategy for massive organic reach that we use consistently.

With this recipe, we have seen customers walk in the door of a Michelin star restaurant in London declaring that they discovered it through a TikTok video in their ‘For You’ page. They’ve inquired about the search for a sommelier while dining at their table- because they saw the recruitment video for the position on TikTok.

We’ve hit 3+ million views on one single video and averaged 1 million views a week and 7 million views in a month.

TikTok Video for Restaurants: Make it Happen

The opportunities for taking advantage of TikTok restaurant marketing are still a widely untapped frontier. If you want to fully explore what it can do for you- contact Sunny in London to explore opportunities.

Through a restaurant consultation we can:

  • define your unique selling point for TikTok restaurant marketing
  • determine areas within your restaurant in which you should film and not film
  • decide key words to make sure TikTok understands what audience should see your videos
  • establish shot types, filming and editing techniques and best times to publish

If you aren’t in the London area or wish to learn virtually, stay tuned for my upcoming launch of virtual classes for how to get started on TikTok. Or- send me an email to discuss setting up an individual session based on your specific business goals.

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