Hampstead Pub Crawl Roebuck

Hampstead Pub Crawl – HOT Beer Gardens!

Sunny friends, you have to join me on this Hampstead Pub Crawl full of the hottest beer gardens now that the sun is out and it’s officially Spring. Grab your sunglasses, a pint, and let’s go!

Hampstead Pub #1:

We’ll start our Hampstead Pub Crawl at the Roebuck on 15 Pond Street, NW3 2PN. You probably wouldn’t guess from the outside…

Hampstead Pub Crawl Roebuck

But this snazzy little gastropub has quite a cosy interior.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Roebuck

I just love the colour that’s everywhere inside the Roebuck. However, when the sun’s really kicking, you need to take your drinks out back and try to absorb all the warmth and colour in this fab beer garden.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Roebuck

The pops of vibrant colours everywhere make it tough not to feel extra cheer on those special Sunny in London days.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Roebuck Hampstead Pub Crawl Roebuck

I think they put this sign up just for us. What do you think?

Hampstead Pub Crawl RoebuckHampstead Pub #2:

Once you are finished basking in the sun at the Roebuck, you can take a short walk to 14 South End Road, NW3 2QET to enjoy some food and adult beverages at the Garden Gate.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Garden Gate

Hampstead Pub Crawl Garden Gate

And yes, it absolutely lives up to its name.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Garden Gate (3) Hampstead Pub Crawl Garden Gate

But what you can’t sense from these pictures is the glorious smell of flowers that floats through the air in this 19th century pub located near Hampstead Heath.

Let’s take our drinks outside to check out the beer garden…

Hampstead Pub Crawl Garden Gate

Hampstead Pub Crawl Garden Gate

Yep! Another perfect place to have greatly deserved liquid sunshine on a Sunny in London day.

And finally, the mother of all beer gardens…

Hampstead Pub #3:

Literally a few steps from Hampstead Heath is the beautiful gastropub The Freemasons Arms on Downshire Hill NW3 1NT.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms

I love this pub because of it’s gorgeous interior.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms (3) Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms

If it looks familiar, that’s because it’s a sister pub to The Arkley and The White Horse.

Mr. Sunny and I decided to stay for a bit and order food. Here’s the starters we devoured.

Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms
TOP: Arancini risotto balls BOTTOM: salt and pepper squid

And our main courses included:

Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms
Lamb rump, asparagus, chorizo, dauphinoise potato, peas, baby onions & jus
Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms Entree (2)
Smoked haddock, spinach & horseradish fishcakes, hollandaise & salad

While the food was very good, we both felt the portion sizes needed to be bigger. But, one thing is for sure, the Freemasons Arms doesn’t hold back on the size of its beer garden.  Waaaaa Laaaaa….

Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms

Hampstead Pub Crawl Freemasons Arms

I could definitely see myself throwing one ginormous summer party here, and when I do, you’ll be sure to be on the guest list, Sunny friends!

Let me know in the comments below if you agree that these beer gardens are hot places to be when the sun’s in full force in London. And, of course, write other suggestions below so we can all share in the sun and fun. Aside from my husband’s life adventures, he and his father purchase The Good Pub Guide each year for excellent pub recommendations. American readers can find it here.

Hampstead Pub Crawl

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  1. This has to be tour 1 of 2 of your Hampstead Pub Crawls!! These ones are great but I’d love to take you around some others too. Let me know if you’re keen on coming back to Hampstead anytime soon and we can go wandering! xx

    1. I’d love to, Meg! We did make it to the Holly Bush that day, but they don’t have a beer garden. My husband knows the area well as he worked in West Hampstead for quite a few years. Would love to meet up!

  2. Meg’s right there are soooo many awesome pubs in Hampstead, add The Spaniards to your list!! I’ve never been to the Roebuck but I love the look of the Garden. I find pub gardens really lacking in London and if there is one its really small; so its great to see such a big one at the Freemasons. Ahhh can’t wait for it to be Summer properly!!
    Lots of love,

    SilverSpoon London

  3. Ive always wondered what the Garden Gate pub was like. All pubs do have lovely gardens but the scale of Freemasons Arms might be the winner, with everyone going outside, i might actually get a table!

    1. Thank you for reading! Great point about grabbing a table. We were lucky to be there mid-day. Garden Gate is lovely! What are your favourite London beer gardens?

  4. All three look so wonderful a gal would be hard-pressed to choose just one! I can imagine strolling through each garden with a nice glass of wine in hand. Ooops, I forgot, they are BEER gardens.

    1. Patty, since I don’t drink beer, a stroll through with a glass of wine sounds perfect! We’ve had such amazing weather here lately, I’m sure all three have been packed. Cheers!

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