Sunny London Pub Crawls

Thank you for reading Sunny in London! I hope you enjoy the London Pub Crawls featured on my blog. I have a big confession- I actually don’t drink beer. I’m an Italian girl who loves her vino! (My other passion is champagne!)

But, no fears, Sunny friends! The London pub crawls are all designed by Mr. Sunny. He’s a lifelong North Londoner and true beer connoisseur. His favourites are Stella and Peroni. You’ll frequently see pictures of our signature drinks in my posts.

Sunny London Pub Crawls

On our first London pub crawl, Mr. Sunny gave up his shoe for a Kwak. You’ll have to read that adventure to learn more!

Sunny-London-Pub-Crawls-Kwak (1) Sunny London Pub Crawls

If you have great suggestions for London pub crawls that Sunny in London should include, please tweet me or send your ideas in via my CONTACT form so I can visit them. I’ll be sure to thank you in the posts when I write them.