Romantic Things to Do in Notting Hill London

If you’re looking for romantic things to do in London then you might want to focus on one neighbourhood- Notting Hill.

Most people planning a London trip have a limited amount of time to visit. Three or four days is barely enough to see the most iconic London attractions. However, if you have more time, you might want to concentrate on just one area for a full day. And, if you’re visiting London as a couple, you could make that day’s activities themed with romance.

Or, maybe you live in London and need some activity ideas for Valentine’s Day?

Either way, you just might be surprised how many romantic things to do in Notting Hill London exist!

The Notting Hill Bookshop

It makes sense to start our story about romantic things to do in Notting Hill with the location that helped establish its reputation for love.

The Notting Hill Bookshop is the bookshop that Hugh Grant’s character owned in the iconic romantic comedy from 1994.


Still today, 30 years later at the time of this article’s publication, you’ll find tourists seeking love outside the shop.

Ok, that’s a bit of a stretch. It’s more like on any given day you’ll see a handful of people snapping lovely photos of The Notting Hill Bookshop’s exterior. But, be careful, the shop has been plagiarised several times. If you go to visit, you’ll want to make sure it’s the one located on 13 Bleinheim Crescent, London W11 2EE.

Head inside to relive the nostalgia from the film.

Romantic Things To Do in London – Notting Hill YouTube

If you’d like to see the video highlights of the Romantic Things to Do in Notting Hill, be sure to watch the Sunny News YouTube video linked below.

Portobello Road Market

Whether or not you enjoy antiques, the Portobello Road Market experience is one not to miss. This is true even if you are not a passionate shopper, as my English husband is definitely NOT!

However, the charm of Portobello Road Market is undeniable. It’s the world’s largest antiques market with over 1,000 dealers and stretches back over 150 years.


The market is open 7 days a week. It extends 1 mile along Portobello Road and around the corner into Golbourne Road on Fridays and Saturdays. Saturday is surely the busiest day of all, with Sunday a close second.

You can visit on a Thursday when the shops are open, but be advised there are no stalls trading.

Strolling along the famous road and perusing the shops for English treasures can be a very romantic thing to do in London for both tourists and locals.

Iconic Photos in London

If you’re visiting London, or you’re like me and need an endless supply of London photos for your London based brand on social media, there are some key places to visit in London’s Notting Hill neighbourhood.

You could call it the most Instagrammable area of London for this reason. And it’s largely because of Lancaster Road and St Luke’s Mews.

While most ‘Instagram husbands’ would hardly classify taking photos of their ‘Mrs’ in the streets of London a romantic thing to do – it’s included on this list. I’ll share why in a bit.

Luckily these hidden gems are not far from each other.

Lancaster Road might be referred to as London’s most colourful street.


The ‘cutest photo spot’ in London could be St Luke’s Mews. Notice how each property on the Mews in the photo below has its own individual character, style and colour.


St Luke’s Mews feature Victoria street lamps, artistic ironwork balconies and tons of beautiful plants and flowers. The mews were originally built as stables. They housed horses owned by wealthy occupants of large properties on surrounding roads.

However, you might recognise St Luke’s Mews from an iconic scene from another infamous British romantic comedy- Love Actually.

It’s here on St Luke’s Mews that Mark professes his love for Juliet. Remember the scene where he stands in the middle of the street and expresses his feelings on huge cards while ‘Silent Night’ plays in the background?

Biscuiteers Notting Hill Icing Café

If you’re short on time, it’s worth just popping in to Biscuiteers. The ‘cookies’, as we call them in America, they sell are decorated to such an intricate level they feel like they should be kept in a museum.

I’ve purchased them in the past and brought them as gifts to family when visiting the United States. I feel they are far better than the more ‘touristy’ things you’ll find on most street corners or at the airport.

You can visit this Biscuiteers (there are several in London) and just have some treats at the café. However, their School of Icing offers experiences that could be a great gift. They offer vouchers for them too.


If you’re a foodie couple, like Mr Sunny and I, you could want to enjoy a class together for a romantic thing to do in London. Some examples include:

  • School of Icing- master a new skill while you ice your own tin of biscuits
  • Icing Lates- date night which features icing while you enjoy a glass of fizz

Museum of Brands

Did you know that Queen Victoria is alleged to have sent the first Christmas card? And Sir Henry Cole commissioned the first commercial Christmas card in 1843. The initial print run was for 1000 cards. He was the first Director of the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum) too.

You might find a stroll through the Museum of Brands a romantic thing to do in Notting Hill if you enjoy museums and learning about consumer culture from Victorian times to present.

At time of publication, the Museum of Brands is open 7 days a week. Tickets are £10 for adults. The museum also has a learning programme for schools and universities that attracts more than 20,000 students a year.



On 186 Portobello Road, you’ll find the Ginstitute. If you and your partner enjoy tastings and learning about food and drinks, visiting here could be on your list of romantic things to do in Notting Hill.

The Ginstitute offers gin making experiences and courses. You can blend your own unique recipe of gin, attend a tasting and take a tour.


Acklam Village Market

Acklam Village is a hidden gem of Portobello Road. If you are looking for a foodie date on a Saturday, visit the street food market. It’s closest to the Ladbroke Grove Underground Station and is partially covered by Westway Flyover.

Acklam Village Market is an international food market that also has a bar and free live music. You’ll find it embraces the musical and artistic heritage of the area and celebrates the diverse community that exists in Portobello and beyond.

It’s open Saturdays from 11am-7.30pm.


Pub Crawl

Are you surprised to see a Notting Hill Pub Crawl listed as a romantic things to do in London?

As an American living in London because I married an Englishman, I’ve learned to appreciate and love the pub culture in the UK. Therefore, I know that if I ask my husband to spend a day ‘shopping’ and taking photos with me in London that I will need to include a little pub crawl for a ‘healthy’ balance for him.

The day we visited the neighbourhood to create this article, YouTube video and TikTok videos, we included a few stops for him to ‘refuel’ his British blood a bit.

Three pubs you can visit in Notting Hill are:

  • The Sun in Splendour, 7 Portobello Road (make sure to see the Secret Garden)
  • Duke of Wellington, 179 Portobello Road (a Young’s Pub)
  • Earl of Lonsdale, 277-281 Westbourne Grove (a Samuel Smith’s tavern)
  • The Castle, 225 Portobello Road (opposite the blue door from the Notting Hill film)

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Where is Notting Hill London?

If you’re wondering how to get to Notting Hill, there are several options. The itinerary I list below suggests arriving at Ladbroke Grove Underground Station on the Hammersmith and City Line or Circle Line. You can leave via Notting Hill Gate Underground Station on the Central Line or District and Circle Line.

Suggested Day in Notting Hill London

If you want to spend a full day with your date in Notting Hill, below is the suggested order for the activities above.

  • Arrive at Ladbroke Grove Underground station
  • Take photographs on Lancaster Road and then St Luke’s Mews
  • Have a bite to eat at Acklam Village Market (Saturdays only)
  • Visit the Brand Museum
  • Walk down Portobello Road
  • Have a drink at the Ginstitute
  • Check out the Notting Hill Bookshop
  • Buy some treats at Biscuiteers
  • Enjoy a pub crawl
  • Leave via Notting Hill Gate Underground Station

Final Thoughts

What other romantic things to do in London would you suggest? What other neighbourhoods would you like to know more about on Sunny in London?