American Food Not Available in UK

What American food is not available in the UK?

STOP! Before you make that move to the UK, you need to ask yourself, ‘What American food is not available in the UK?’

Yes, Sunny friends, it is true, there are some food items that you will find yourself trying to smuggle across the border. And, I think you’ll be very surprised to find out what they are.

On my recent trip to the States, I spent some time in a local grocery store to photograph, purchase and eat some of these American treats.

American Food not Available in UK #5- Movie Candy!

American Food Not Available in UK

Ok, so yeah they have candy at the cinema in the UK. But these are the top candies you’ll find in a good ‘ol American movie theater that you can’t get in the UK…

American Food Not Available in UKAmerican Food not Available in UK #4- Hey Kool Aid!

There isn’t an American kid around that hasn’t yelled “Hey Kool Aid!” hoping this would happen:

I tried it in the grocery aisle while staring at this shelf. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as lucky as the kids in that commercial.

American Food Not Available in UK

American Food not Available in UK #3- Sugar for Brekkie!

American Food Not Available in UK
American Food Not Available in UK
American Food Not Available in UK
American Food Not Available in UK

The morning battle that takes place every time Mr. Sunny and I go out for breakfast is never-ending. He just can’t understand how Americans eat things like doughnuts in the morning. Here in the UK, they prefer a full cooked breakfast with eggs, bacon (not American bacon though) and baked beans. Any sweet cereals they do have are also subject to strict food regulations that restrict sugar levels, meaning their cereals are much less sweet than ours. We, on the other hand, have an entire industry built on a jacked up breakfast. Take a look…

If you want this type of American treat you’re in for more than a sugar shock. It’s safe to say that you’ll need to have it via a special delivery, and the prices will give you a sticker shock!

American Food not Available in UK #2- Peanut Butter

Ok, so peanut butter is obviously available in the UK, but not at the magnitude an American expects. We have reduced fat, chunky, organic…

American Food Not Available in UK
American Food Not Available in UK
American Food Not Available in UK

And this little mixer upper…

Doesn’t that just look like a jar of ooey gooey LOVE?

And, I’m sure you could predict this next American ‘gem.’

American Food Not Available in UK

Hey, it’s made with ‘whole grain’ so it’s gotta be healthy, right?

American Food not Available in UK #1- My Best Bud

One of my favourite memories of my dad is the day he tried a new beer on a boat outing last summer. He loved it!


Leave it to the Americans to mix vegetables and beer. This American liquid sunshine mixes a classic American-style lager and Clamato Tomato juice.

Final Thoughts:

American Food Not Available in UK

One thing is a guarantee. Whether you’re in the UK or US, you can always count on grabbing one of these to fill your grocery cart…

Yep. It looks like tabloid magazines are clearly an international love.

So, Sunny friends, what do you think? Any of you include this contraband in your luggage when packing for the UK? Brits, what are your thoughts on the Chelada beer?

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  1. You can get alot of those goodies at Cyber Candy in Covent Garden- no more smuggling! Selfridges is getting a little better too, in their American food aisle 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Angela! I’ve a small sample of some of them at Selfridges. But as I wrote, they’re not nearly available in the quantity they are in the US.

  2. You can find most of these now in tescos or American sweet shops, but hidden valley ranch dressing!! I normally bring so many back I have to leave some with my mom because my luggage is overweight with bottles of ranch. America ripped off the michelada from Mexico!

  3. I have seen a few American shops popping up but they are mighty expensive. House of Fraser does peanut butter and jello. Sweets there is a whole shop dedicated to this in Croydon and covent garden but expensive again. I really want to try lucky charms Lucy

    1. Thank you, Lucy! Yes, they’re slowly becoming available here. Albeit for high prices and not nearly the quantity of what is offered in the States. I appreciate the House of Fraser tip!

  4. This was cute… reminds me of my days as an expat in France. I didn’t really miss anything because the food is so good there I just adjusted my diet, but I’m not gonna lie… sometimes you just want peanut butter and not even Speculous can replace that >.< Love your blog!

  5. Thanks for the list. I just like the fact that you ended up in a Giant Eagle to take all those photos. That’s my favorite grocery store 🙂

    1. Haha! Hi Luna! My family is from Pittsburgh and I was there visiting. Have you ever heard of Wegmans? It’s where I shopped when I lived in New York. Amazing!

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