Generator Hostel London

Generator Hostel London – What’s HOT about a HOSTEL?

Clearly, last night the hottest ticket in town was entry in to… wait for it… wait for it… The Generator Hostel London relaunch party. And, I was there, Sunny friends!

The pre-party tweets were blowing up the Twitterverse with excitement, and the actual party proved to be worthy of all the hype…


A hostel?

Generator Hostel London

Yes. I can hardly believe it myself.

In 1995 I participated in Florida State University’s study abroad programme and lived on Great Russell Street, just inches away from the British Museum in Bloomsbury.  However, ironically, that was also the year the Generator Hostel London opened, just around the corner on 37 Tavistock Place WC1H 9SE.

Back then, hostels had the connotation of being dodgy. In fact, I rarely talk about my experience staying in one. It was in Amsterdam, and it was called “The Flying Pig.” I went with a group of girls from the study abroad programme. Big mistake. HUGE. I swore I’d never step foot in one again. That all changed last night. Generator Hostel London Swanky eh?

The relaunch party started at 7:30. I arrived promptly and was shocked to find a queue extending out the door. SERIOUSLY?!

“Are you on the list?” said an event supervisor surrounded with security team members.

I felt like I was gaining entrance to a chic South Beach or Hollywood lounge.

“Why, yes. I AM.”

They threw a wrist band around my arm, and I took off to figure out what was generating all this buzz. Generator Hostel London

Generator Hostel London
Generator Hostel London With a bar, café, screening room, and lounge, this venue which was once a police station set in antique London Mews, sure has a vibrant, edgy appeal. Generator Hostel London (5) Generator Hostel London The guests continued to pour in… and so did the booze. Generator Hostel London Generator Hostel London

The walls thumped with music from NTS Radio and Eglo Records. I can tell you for sure- if this party is any indication of what a stay is like at the Generator Hostel London- guests are in for one hell of a kick arse trip.

Generator Hostel London (12) Generator Hostel London If you’ve ever stayed at The Standard in West Hollywood, you know what I mean. The club atmosphere in the lobby rolls on throughout the day and night.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one enthralled by the Generator Hostel London. Check out these tweets by my fellow travel bloggers and writers.

And finally…

If you’re looking for a fun place to stay that doesn’t bust your budget, the Generator Hostel London is a strong contender. By the end of 2018, they’ll have 15-18 hostels. Aside from rooms, their venues offer everything from film and photo shoots, live music events, corporate functions, art exhibitions and pop up concepts.

Generator Hostel London Their work revamping and regenerating hostels in to “…attractive, design and event-driven hostels that are stylish, contemporary, central, social and safe” is simply brilliant.

Current Generator Locations:

Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, Venice

Coming Soon… Rome and Paris

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  1. I too have stayed at the Flying Pig, I think that it is a rite of passage for every young 20 something in Europe 🙂 I have stayed at a bunch when I was younger but likely wouldn’t do it now, even though this one looks pretty cool!

  2. WOW! That is one heck of a hostel! Amazing! I was invited to this, but couldn’t go…now I kind of wish I’d worked things around a bit more so I could have attended. Looks like a REALLY fun night!

    1. There were tons of bloggers last night. They really threw one amazing party. The hostel has a very chic atmosphere. I’d definitely recommend it to people who want a fun, lower cost place to stay.

  3. Seriously, who knew hostels were so fun?! My post on it is going live tomorrow but I loved the photos you got. My last hostel experience was in Scotland and wasn’t nearly as hip as this place. I didn’t even know you were there until I checked twitter later and then kicked myself for missing out on an opp to stalk, er, meet you in person! Next hostel event, we’re meeting up.

    1. I know! I was crushed when I saw I missed you. We can certainly meet up some time before the next big bloggers event. I’ll DM you my info via Twitter. The Generator ROCKED!

  4. What a hip looking place!! I stayed in several hostels many years ago while traveling through Sweden and although they were all quite nice, they were nothing like this. Looks like The Generator was ELECTRIFIED!!!!!

  5. I’m staying here – just for one night – next week, so am super-excited now! Never thought I would look forward to a hostel so much….looks like it was a great party!

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