How to Get PR Companies to Notice Your Blog

5 Strategies for How to Get PR Companies to Notice Your Blog

How to get PR companies to notice your blog is probably a question you’ve had at some point, if you’re a blogger.

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  1. Great advice Melanie! I totally agree with the ‘2 for 1’ blogger thing, I always try and invite blogger friends along to comped meals so the PR’s get two reviews from one trip. Everyone’s a winner in the situation, and they’re more likely to ask you to do other reviews if they know they’ll get the whole ‘2 for 1’ thing!

    C x
    Lux Life Blog

      1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Amanda. I hope you’re able to use some of the strategies to connect with PR’s. Please let me know if you have any to add!

  2. A really useful post. I am a great believer in good quality content, that is engaging and interesting to read is the big first step in getting PR companies to notice you. Being social and memorable no wants 50 blogs of the same content. I will write a negative review about an experience but give advice on how it could be improved. If it is a total disaster start to finish then I will share my feedback via email but you would be surprised how many are still happy for you to publish it. I guess if everything is wonderful there is nothing to improve on. I too love to share experiences with other bloggers after all they are happy for you to spend ten minutes taking pics of food before anyone can have any 🙂 Have a nice weekend Lucy x

  3. Thanks for sharing your tips Melanie! I haven’t worked with PR but I was really interested in this post. Having a PR list sounds like a brilliant way to build relationships, and I love that you bring other bloggers to events as your plus one, it’s a great idea. I’d love to join you at an event, but I’m living in Dublin! 🙁 x

    1. Thank you for reading, Christine! If happily make the trip to Dublin to join you at an event. I’ve never been there and hear it’s beautiful! 😉

  4. Great tips! I was wondering if you asked PR companies to add you to their database or they asked you? And which ones would you recommend?

    1. Thanks, Louise. I do a lot of research on brands/places that interest me, and then try to catch their attention through tweets or interaction on the websites. As far as recommending them, it depends on what type of content you have on your blog and what the brands are seeking. Therefore I would have different recommendations for everyone.

  5. Wow.. this is such a useful post. For last couple of days I have been looking for PR marketing strategies and this is what I found useful now. Will try to incorpporate the sunny side in my blog. The PR company research task is still pending but my heartful thanks to you for this compilation.

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