Jeru London Mayfair Review

Fire. Stone. Sea. If you’re seeking an explosive combination of Mediterranean food in London, then Jeru is THE place for you! This Mayfair dining destination has it all.

Quite honestly, Jeru is an experience, not just a place to eat in London. Owner and Executive Chef Roy Ner has thoughtfully designed this three-story location for those who are passionate about excellent flavour combinations using the finest ingredients.

At the time of our visit Jeru launched The Fish Market. It’s an impressive seafood and crudo display. This showcases and houses the very best daily selection of sustainably caught fish and seafood.


The bespoke display now complements a full suite of similar bespoke presentations. They sit by the dry ageing meat and vegetable cabinets already in place.

Jeru London- The Staff

A friendly doorman and receptionist quickly greeted us upon our entry. Within minutes our server, equally as lovely, appeared at our table eager to know our drink request.

Since we were a little overwhelmed with everything Jeru had to offer, we needed a few minutes.

The decor is romantic, sophisticated and sultry. Interesting terms to use when you sit among hanging meat and fish counters! But- anyone who has visited Jeru would know it’s true.

We asked for some time to explore and made our way to The Fish Market. The Head Chef found us as we admired the fresh selections while a staff member poured ice over them.

The Head Chef spent some time with us learning our palette preferences and gave us a tour of the exclusive selections at Jeru London.


The most curious to us is one of their highlights, chocolate fed-wagyu steak. This is shown with the Head Chef above.

Once seated at our table our server had the sommelier choose a wine for us, and the rest is a beautiful story of food and flavour.

The Head Chef dictated our dining experience. This is not something we’ve had happen often and is probably because we were invited guests. We absolutely loved it!

Our server brought each dish to us with enthusiasm. She was keen to make sure we had enjoyed everything at each step of the food journey.

You can see some of the moving highlights in this Instagram reel.

Every staff member we encountered made a solid effort to deliver a guest experience that is outstanding.

While dining, we were observing those around us. As the tables quickly filled, all diners at Jeru seemed equally as valued.

We could tell there were birthday celebrations, catch ups between married couples and date nights happening around us.

Jeru London- The Food

Jeru harnesses the rich flavours and aromas of the Mediterranean. It serves a wonderfully varied menu suitable for all dietary requirements and preferences.

I can’t choose one dish over the other in terms of which is best. Everything we had hit above marks on the board for us. However, I found one of their signature dishes wildly addictive.


The Wood-fired Potato Bread with truffle honey and chickpea miso butter is unlike any food experience I’ve ever encountered. I battled the temptation to eat too much. Having an idea of the delicacies to come, I didn’t want to fill up too much on bread. No matter how divine.


Also hitting our table was the Black Chickpea Hummus. Again- exquisite flavour.

For the Crudo, we had Yellowtail Crudo with Pear & Radish Dressing. As someone who never eats pear, I was hesitant. Especially given it was served with seafood.

I have to drop a silly pun here (you know that’s my style if you’re a regular Sunny in London restaurant review reader)…. The ‘pearing’ is perfect!


Additionally we had the Tuna with Fennel Salsa, Whipped Avocado and Herbs. And, you guessed it- faultless.


For our Mezze course the Head Chef sent Halloumi Doughnuts with Goat’s curd, lemon and truffle honey.

Can you even imagine??? Doughnuts with truffle honey? This is next level cookery, Sunny friends.


Oru Main course featured the Lemon Sole. This is because Mr Sunny indicated in our conversation with the Head Chef that he loves Dover Sole.

The fish meat was elegantly lifted from its bones at our table in a lovely theatrical display. If you catch my Instagram reel, you can see the highlights.

It appeared effortless when the Head Chef performed the maneuvers. The steps moved seemlessly because he had expertly deboned it prior to presenting it at the table.



If only I had been able to perform him showcasing those skills behind the scenes!

Just when I thought we couldn’t eat another morsel due to attempting to eat every bite of the previous dishes, dessert arrived. We shared the Pistachio Baklava with Vanilla Ice Cream.

It’s always a food miracle how easily one can polish off a dessert under these circumstances! But from looking at it, I’m sure you can understand how it happened.


Actually, there was one dish I haven’t mentioned. It’s another signature highlight- the Wood-fired Potato bread with chickpea miso butter.

I had several bites and felt it was lovely. My Sunny kept raving about how I should eat more. Again, I was fearful of overloading on carbs and didn’t want to waste any ability to eat the oncoming dishes.

But- if you visit Jeru, having this potato dish is something you MUST do!


Jeru London- The Atmosphere

We like to go to our restaurant reviews at off peak times. Honestly, it’s because of what’s involved in photographing and videoing the food and location.

Given the dark ambiance of Jeru, this was a good move. I had to use a portable light to get better quality images of everything. We didn’t want to disrupt the experience of other guests with this ‘glowing’ tool at our table.

So, we arrived close to the start of their dinner service. Our experience was romantic and quiet. However, given what I’ve seen on Jeru’s social media, the location can be buzzing and lively.

Downstairs, Layla at Jeru offers refreshing cocktails, light bites and sharing platters. The bar is vibrant and the lounge environment is accompanied by a live DJ from Thursday to Saturday.

If you want to visit a London location with a sexy, energetic vibe with a date, Jeru seems to offer that too.

Jeru London- Final Thoughts

I’m so grateful Mr Sunny was eyeing up that chocolate wagyu beef hanging in a case within view of our table.

His birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so deciding where to eat in London is now so much easier!

We will need to reserve Jeru for special occasions. As you can imagine, the quality of the experience it offers does not place it in the moderate budget category.

However, we feel the prices do reflect the excellent quality one would expect with them.

In fact, I could list several of London’s fine dining experiences for which we have paid that don’t match what the level of enjoyment and quality of what diners can have at Jeru.

I’m putting this London restaurant at the top of my suggestions for people who want to enjoy a luxurious food experience in an area of London that has no room for error. Mayfair is know for its discerning crowd that expects elegance and superior quality.

If that meets what you seek in a London restaurant experience, then book a table- Jeru is located at 11 Berkely Street, W1J 8DS.

It’s not one to miss.