Johnnie Walker Gold Celebration

Can a Photo Booth Face and Johnnie Walker make you a star?

Sunny friends, just when you thought my £150 afternoon tea giveaway was a golden opportunity for you, another one has hit the blog for December! It’s a chance so golden it could make you a superstar…

Ok, ok, before everybody gets too drunk on possibilities, let’s drop the hype and get to the facts.

Here’s the real scoop- I’m not personally offering any chances for stardom. In fact, I’m just the messenger. Last week I had the chance to screen test a golden opportunity that you can have and definitely take to a higher level than me.

From now until January 2nd, you can enter the Rising Star Competition via Johnnie Walker by popping in to the photo booth in the ground floor of M Restaurants.

Johnnie Walker Gold Celebration

If you haven’t heard of this new hot spot for food in London, the pictures above probably caught your attention. The venue actually houses two gorgeous restaurants, M Raw and M Grill. It’s a quick walk from Bank station and is located at 2 & 3 Threadneedle Walk, 60 Threadneedle Street, London EC2R 8HP.

Both menus look fantastic, so perhaps you might want to give one a try when you also make your Johnnie Walker photo debut that could catapult you to fame.

If you’re a photo booth pro, the contest is quite simple. My guess is there’s quite a few Sunny readers that meet that criteria.

Johnnie Walker Rising Star Competition details:

– Pose for a round of four pictures in the photo booth at M Restaurants.
– Upload them to Instagram with the #GoldCelebration hashtag.
– Wait for a link to enter from Johnnie Walker as you share the picture with your friends.
– Hope you have one of the five most liked entries by the closing date in February.  These five will be shortlisted as a Rising Star.

One thing is clear, Sunny friends, you won’t have to worry about me being any competition. My night at M Restaurants was in fact my first photo booth experience.

While sipping a stiff, and I mean STIFF, Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Christmas cocktail, I watched my blogger buddies Laura, the star of Heroine in Heels, and Helen the stylish doll of plan their pretty face snapshots. And, then with some coaching from ‘Catherine Lux-Life– I am the Master GIF Collector’ and Katie ‘the country girl gone London’,  I gave it a shot.

Johnnie Walker Gold Celebration

Would you believe I had practised my super model face for hours that day?

Blue Steel, all the way!!!

Despite wanting to win a photoshoot with Rankin and a starring role in the online Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve campaign for March 2015, I don’t think I’ll be the person they pick. Really, I’m just glad I didn’t break the camera in the photo booth.

Let’s face it, my distorted  ‘duck face’ would even have Derek Zoolander running the other direction!

However, I’m guessing if you aren’t heading to the photo booth to be a contender, then one of the glam starlets I hit the town with that night could be.

For more on our scandalous night of ‘what happens in the photobooth stays on Instagram’, check out the fabulous blogger beauties I mentioned above. We’ll just have to see if Rankin selects one of them or you as a lucky duck! For now.. I’m just the messenger.

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