Paro Restaurant Review

When Chef Niaz sent me an invitation to write a Paro restaurant review on a Sunday evening, he had my attention. The email conveyed sincerity and his story struck me as one to watch on the London restaurant scene immediately. And this is why…

He shared that he was a 23 year old owner and chef of an Indian restaurant next door to the Lyceum Theatre. This is the current home of the Lion King production. The location is prime for the theatre crowd. This means I know my readers and followers on social media would find value in it.

Where to eat in Covent Garden? Where to eat before/after the theatre in London? Where is the best Indian food in London?

As a London food blogger, TikToker and YouTuber– these are regular questions I receive in comments.

His invitation also referenced the ‘beautiful immersive setting reminiscent of a palatial Calcuttan home.’ He wrote that his food ‘celebrated the best of Calcuttan-Indian food’.


The sentiment of the entire email was a passion, energy and love for what he offers that is refreshing to see. After reviewing his website and reading more about his story, Mr Sunny and I were beyond intrigued.

Less than an hour after receiving the invite, we had our date to visit confirmed directly with this rising star in London.

Paro Restaurant: Unique Features

On the Paro restaurant website you’ll read that Chef Niaz makes his curry with the secret spice mix consisting of 48 spices that ‘whisper tales of Calcutta’.

His story in London’s food scene started on Brick Lane. He has been running the award-winning Indian restaurant City Spice. His aim at Paro restaurant is not just to make excellent food. Chef Niaz also wants the experience to be about memories, emotions and a shared passion.

Paro Restaurant: Atmosphere

When we walked in to Paro Restaurant in Covent Garden we immediately felt that the words in his email and on his website paralleled the London restaurant’s vibe.

Customers are greeted with an explosion of colour. The walk to the dining area generates the energy and emotion you see when you watch Chef Niaz in action on his social media accounts.

The venue is perfect for a date night, work do or celebration with family and friends. It’s spacious and transcends you to another place. One could say it feels like entering Narnia.

Paro Restaurant: Food

Our meal was very enjoyable. My favourite dish of the whole experience is the Cottage Cheese Roll. It’s stuffed pastry, sweet-spiced cottage cheese and spinach.


Mr Sunny ordered the Onion Bhajis and Prawn Puri.


The Prawn Puri is ginger-garlic, tumeric and sweet-paprika with tender puri bread.


For my main course I chose their award-winning classic the Cream Chicken Korma.


Mr Sunny had the Tandoori Grill and Geeza Nan. The later is straight from Brick Lane (not Calcutta) and has chilli, cheese, garlic and keema in one naan. He said it was certainly hot and spicy!

We felt the flavour of these dishes was excellent but perhaps the meats had been a tad overcooked and dry.


Paro Restaurant: Value and Service

We chose to visit on a Monday evening and were not under any time constraints. Our service was lightning fast and our server very attentive and knowledgable.

Our visit was for the purpose of writing a Paro restaurant review and complimentary. However, we do look at the food prices to compare the value to the food, service and atmosphere.

Paro restaurant is quite reasonable given it’s location in our opinion.

Paro Restaurant: Special Diets and Portions

Also worthy of mention is the restaurant’s dedication to accommodating special diets.

While it can’t guarantee 100% allergen-free dishes due to their kitchen conditions, it offers the below:

  • Halal
  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Soy
  • Dairy Free
  • Jain (request only)
  • Kosher (request only)

All meat at Paro is halal. Kosher meat can be provided subject to request.

We regret that we were not able to try any cocktails. Both the regular cocktail menu and the non-alcoholic menu looking creative, tasty and fun. We just didn’t have room for everything that evening!

In fact, we left with quite large takeaway boxes due to the generous portion sizes. On Tuesday I had a delightful Paro restaurant lunch at home and happily finished everything from the evening before.

Paro Restaurant: Final Thoughts

Overall we were impressed with Paro Restaurant in Covent Garden, London. For those seeking Indian food cooked with genuine passion and flavour- this is a fantastic choice for a place to eat in London.

If you need a pre-theatre restaurant recommendation, check it out. They currently have a two course and three course menu. Paro Restaurant is also open every day of the week. The pre-theatre menu is available from 11.45am-6.30pm.

While it’s also best to book in advance for a London restaurant, Paro does keep tables free for walk-ins. Be advised you may have to queue for them though.

Finally, you’ll want to give the restaurant and Chef Niaz a follow on social media. Unlike many restaurateurs in London, he is regularly on camera sharing behind the scenes of his experiences. He also makes television appearances too.

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