Sunny’s Simple Smoothie Recipes with Lactofree

Who is ready for some drinking games?

I definitely threw my name in to the ring when Lactofree contacted me to be a part of their latest drink challenge. The mission is to create a fun drink. So, in fairness, I created one to kick start a sunny day. And… one as a grown-up way to end a sunny day.

If you’re an avid Sunny reader, you’ve seen me mention drinking shakes on several occasions. I have always been a fan of protein, vegetable or fruit based smoothies.

Nonetheless, the range of different recipes I have tried and created stretches fairly wide over the years. Today, I’ll show you two that are berry healthy options, and of course, use Lactofree milk.

Simple Smoothie Recipes that are Lactofree

Simple Smoothie Recipes #1- Sunny Super Sipper

It’s widely known that antioxidants have tremendous ‘healing’ powers. They are high in Vitamins C and E and carotenoids. Mostly, their claim to fame is fighting damage caused by free radicals. As a girl who spent most of her childhood and teen years on the beaches of Florida, I need antioxidants to repair previous sun damage and prevent skin cancer. My skin is in serious need of repair after the years I spent sunbathing. I look a lot older than I am in terms of my skin, so I’m trying many different things to turn this around.

If you think ‘vibrant colour’, you’re in pretty good shape for finding foods rich in antioxidants. Some examples that make great shake ingredients are: all berries, apricot, kale, mangoes, nectarines, peaches, watermelon, apples and oranges.

Foremost, having a super food extractor is essential in making the smoothie process smooth. Lactofree sent me the Nutri Ninja for this challenge. Also, I have been selected to be a Lactofree brand ambassador, AKA ‘ambassadairy.’ 🙂

Simple Smoothie Recipes that are Lactofree

To make the Sunny Super Sipper, layer foods heavy in antioxidants in to the extractor cup. These include: blueberries, strawberries, frozen raspberries, frozen mangoes and a nectarine. I also toss in a scoop of chia seeds, which are some times called ‘one of the healthiest foods on the planet.’

Simple Smoothie Recipes that are Lactofree

Although I think the Ninja Professional can handle a full nectarine, I cut this one in to pieces. I layer about a handful of each item (except the chia seeds) in to the cup holder. Next, pour in about 1 1/2 cups of Lactofree milk. Finally, put on the lid, flip the container, and let the food extractor do its magic. Note: don’t fill your cup as full as the picture below. You want not to exceed the max fill line when you create your smoothie.

Simple Smoothie Recipes that are Lactofree

Simple Smoothie Recipes that are Lactofree

It’s just an absolutely berrilicious way to start a day! However, a suggestion is to be sure to check your teeth if you’re going anywhere important after you sip it. Berry seeds, while amazingly healthy, don’t always contribute to the cleanest smile. Remember that strawberry seeds scene from Pretty Woman?

Simple-Smoothie-Recipes that-are-Lactofree

Simple Smoothie Recipes #2- Sunny’s Sexyberry Slapup

After a busy day, this smoothie is a fun way to chill in the evening. The recipe is a spin off of one of my favourite drinks at an American chain restaurant I visited quite a bit during my university days.

It’s an adult smoothie that mirrors a strawberry milkshake.

Simple-Smoothie-Recipes that-are-Lactofree

– 8-10 strawberries (save one for a garnish)
– 1/2 cup frozen raspberries
– 20 raw, unsalted almonds
– 10-12 medium ice cubes
– Lactofree milk, fill until milk reaches half the other ingredients
– one shot of strawberry vodka

Simple-Smoothie-Recipes that-are-LactofreeThis is version is much healthier than the one I ordered often while at university. The raw almonds replace an almond flavoured liqueur. Also, instead of vanilla ice cream, Lactofree milk serves as a nice substitute. You could always add a few splashes of Lactofree cream as well. However, this recipe keeps the drink fun but doesn’t get too carried away with calories or alcohol.

Simple-Smoothie-Recipes that-are-LactofreeI love the high level of antioxidants in both of these drinks and each use Lactofree as a liquid base. You can easily swap out the fruits for ones that may appeal to you differently or are readily available in your home.

Lactofree has tons of recipes, but two more for you are:

Tofu Smoothie:

– 1/2 banana
– 200ml Lactofree Semi Skimmed Milk
– 100g strawberries
– 80g tofu or Lactofree cream cheese
– 10g almonds
– 10g/handful sunflower seeds
– handful of blueberries

Raspberry Smoothie:

1 pot of Lactofree fruit yogurt
– 2 handfuls of frozen raspberries

With regard to this product, the reason why I endorse it is it because of the results. I make loads of shakes with vegetables. While they’re packed with benefits, they also don’t keep me full for long. So, when I want to have a smoothie that is fruit based and filling, Lactofree is the way to go.

I’d love to hear what’s in your ‘go to smoothie’ and hope that you leave a comment with the recipe below! Until then… enjoy your healthy smoothie recipes from Sunny in London!

Simple-Smoothie-Recipes that-are-Lactofree

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  1. These look so beautiful Mel. Great recipes and gorgeous photos. I’m not a great fan of smoothies because of the texture but I would definitely drink these!

    Katie <3

  2. Smoothies have never been one of my favorites; however, these really look yummy and healthy, too! I’ve been thinking about getting a Ninja blender or food processor so this might just give me the push I need. How do you like it?
    On another note, can’t wait to get out of this snow and to sunny Florida! I do believe “North Turn” and “Down the Hatch” are calling me. I can almost taste the shrimp now.

  3. Great recipes! Have you ever tried açai berries? They are really good for you and you can get the frozen pulp online at (I had never bought it myself form this site, I get mine from my local Portuguese shop, but they look like the real thing). You can add papaya, banana and guaraná powder for a super morning boost drink! Enjoy!

  4. Great recipes. I love a good smoothie and was actually thinking about doing a post on smoothies on my blog. You have a great imagination I would of never thought about putting some of those ingredients in a smoothie.

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