What To Do When It’s Not Sunny in London

Unfortunately this September and October London has had quite a bit of rain. The amount of sunny days in London have certainly been less than we would prefer. This can make it difficult to enjoy the city’s fantastic outdoor attractions. However, it also gives a great opportunity to think about all the great places to see in London and experiences to have indoors too. Whether you’re into culture or you prefer to do something chilled with your weekends, London still has a huge array of things to do when it rains. 

So where should you go the next time it’s not-so-sunny in London? Take a look at the following suggestions for things to do in London on a cloudy or rainy day.


Head for Brunch

Brunch is a fun and really popular activity across the UK these days. It is also the perfect excuse to spend a few hours catching up with friends (whether bottomless or not!). When you’re in a city like London that’s quickly growing its foodie scene, you’re spoiled for choice with incredible brunch spots. Many of them also include some of the best views of London. Book a table and escape the rain to enjoy a leisurely morning in the city.

Of course if brunch is too early and boozy for you, there’s always the old faithful afternoon tea to use indulging for hours indoors.


Discover a Bit of History

London is a city full of history, and sometimes it’s easy to forget about it with so much modernity around. Many people who live in London have never visited its best tourist spots, including the London Eye and Westminster Abbey. It might be raining outside, but there’s no reason you can’t discover a bit of history when you have the day to explore. 

Want to learn more about the history of London? Take a look at some of London’s most historic sites to help you plan where to go.

Get Cultured through Art

A morning or afternoon spent wandering around an art gallery can be a fantastic way to enjoy an afternoon or culture. London is home to some of the world’s best art galleries, including both contemporary art and art through the ages. Art galleries can get very busy at the weekend so if you can book tickets in advance, you should, or make sure you get there bright and early to beat the queues as they say.

Go Shopping!

One of the things London is most famous for is its shopping. There are a whole load of incredible stores to check out, ranging from one of boutiques and markets to well-known department stores like Harrods and Liberty. It’s easy to spend a whole day shopping in London, taking in the atmosphere and seeing what all the fuss is about! In the winter months, you’ll be able to take in the beautiful displays along Oxford Street, Regent Street and Carnaby Street. Plus, you will be able to see all of the Christmas lights. 


Explore Food in London

London really is a fantastic city, with plenty of seasonal events and new openings that make it easy to find something exciting to do every weekend. If you subscribe to the Sunny News email, you will always have a fab list of upcoming ideas from which to choose. That way, come rain or shine, you’ll always have something to do in London.

And, of course, there are tons of foodie things to do in London too.

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