Best Places to Live in London (Neighborhoods)

‘Where are the best places to live in London?’ is one of the most popular questions I receive as an American expat living in London. It’s usually right after the infamous, ‘How can I move to London?’

Choosing a neighborhood for living in London depends on many things. First, you’ll want to consider your price range. Sadly, this means most of us won’t be in Zone 1, or ‘Central London’ because it is too costly. Although many people end up happier paying a smaller price for a place just outside of central London.  Second, you will likely think about transport links because you’ll be commuting to work and want to make that part of your day as easy as possible. If you have a family, your next consideration will be schools. As someone who has worked in schools in the US and UK, I have a lot to say about the educational system differences. You’ll want to watch that YouTube video on the Sunny News before you begin your school search.

Best Places to Live in London: Spin

To be a little different, I went about this video with a creative spin. I pretended like I won the lottery and could live anywhere in London. With money out of the equation, it was more fun to consider possible neighborhoods for living in London. And that’s part of why we watch videos, right? To learn and to be entertained?

Ok, so perhaps that Gladiator inference is a bit strong. 😉

In the video I choose five neighborhoods that I would love to live in, if I won the lottery. They are ranked in order of preference. It’s also clear that my bias for a certain region of London exists. Make sure you watch until the end to see footage of where I woudn’t live in London and why. Hint: it’s one of the most expensive streets!

Make sure to leave your suggestions of where you would pick to live in London if you won the lottery. There are some great ideas from the Sunny News YouTube community in the comment section of the video!

The Sunny News YouTube channel, shares even more advice for things to do and what you’ll need to know about London. This includes safety tips, an afternoon tea etiquette guide and a shopping guide. The blog also has a Guide for Americans Visiting London which is a collection of the top experiences I recommend. You’ll definitely want to bookmark it and visit the Pinterest boards created to help trip planning too.


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