British vs American Stereotypes: Myths Busted!

What are some popular British vs American stereotypes? As an American living in London married to a British man, these stereotypes and their validity are a part of my every day life as an expat. After four years, there isn’t a day that passes that I am not fully aware of how Americans are perceived and judged. Further, learning which British stereotypes are true and which ones are myths has taken time to sift through as well.

Maneuvering between perception vs reality is a tricky trail. At times, it is frustrating and discouraging. Sometimes, it’s quite humorous. In the video below, I identify the most popular British and American stereotypes I have encountered during my time living in London. It’s part of my hugely popular UK vs USA series on the Sunny News YouTube channel.

Discussions and feedback in the video comments can be quite lively! In fact, you’ll find the comments will give evidence supporting some of the British and America stereotypes you already have. 😉

British vs American Stereotypes- Final Thoughts

What questions do you have about American life in London? Are you visiting London and need a more information to plan your trip? Leave your questions and advice for people either on the blog or YouTube channel.

The Sunny News YouTube channel has a playlist full of videos comparing life in the UK vs USA. Some of the topics include differences on: television options, grocery store and food shopping, schoolscultural exchanges, and choosing a hotel in London. The most popular video is below. And it sure has some interesting comments!



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