Expat Chat: An Interactive LiveStream Broadcast

What is Expat Chat? Who needs it?

Are you an expat who can share what you’ve learned with people who could be in a similar situation? Can you help them find the best place to settle down? Or perhaps you are living as an expat and have questions about life abroad and can’t wait for the time it takes to receive a response in a forum?

Maybe you are planning for an international move and want to start making connections with people in your upcoming country of residence? Are you in international relationship and have questions about being an expat before you leave your home country?

Forget the Forums! YOU should watch, comment and question in real time during the livestream broadcast Expat Chat on Blab!


Expat Chat: What is it?

Because all of these questions and more were mine at some point, I have started a show called ‘Expat Chat’ which will serve to inform, support, connect and maybe entertain our global expat community.

Expat Chat: How does it work?

Each Friday I will publish an expat related post on this blog. Topics will include content like: culture shock, the visa process, living away from family, communication problems due to language differences, doing taxes in a foreign country, holiday traditions, etc.

Sometimes topics will be heavy and other times they’ll just be plain fun!

The weekly blog post will close with a short bio of the guests who will be on the upcoming live-streaming show, ‘Expat Chat on Blab’, to talk about the topic. You’ll have all weekend to read the post, gather ideas, add your comments and questions for the show, share it with your expat friends, and maybe reach out to the guests.

On Monday night, I will do a Periscope pre-show via @Sunny_in_London to get our community excited, gather your questions and update everyone on the topic.


Next, Expat Chat will air via a livestream broadcast on Blab for 30 minutes.

If you haven’t heard of Periscope or Blab, they are both free. You can watch Blab straight from a laptop.

They both allow involve a livestream broadcast AND allow for viewers to comment in real time. The commenting feature creates a community that can engage and respond in real time. Blab has the additional feature of showing four people at once on the screen ‘Blabbing’ about a topic. American readers, Blab kind of looks a bit like the Brady Bunch!

You can either be a guest or you can watch and participate through comments and questions!


Expat Chat: Who Benefits

If you’re a show guest, you will have the opportunity to share your blog, business or services through the Friday post and livestream broadcast.

If you watch, you can help people through comments during the show and hopefully make some virtual friends who share your experiences. Or, you might have your questions answered through the expat chat. The biggest goal is for all of us to support each other in our global expat community.

Expat Chat: The Pilot

We’ll start our first week with the topic ‘Differences Between Countries that are Real SURPRISES!’. Be sure to read this Friday’s blog post ‘USA vs UK: 5 Life Conveniences You Won’t Have!’ I’ll outline five items that I am shocked they don’t have in London. Monday’s Expat Chat is open to any expat in any country or anyone who is curious about how life is different across the globe.

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