Healthy Smoothie Recipes Summer

Healthy Smoothie Recipes to Beat the British Heat!

Whoa! Last night was a real hot one for us in London! So, you can imagine how excited I was to make healthy smoothie recipes when this bag of goodies arrived at my flat early evening…
Healthy Smoothie Recipes SummerAbout a week ago, I was asked to tackle the Summer Smoothie Challenge with Lactofree. Saying ‘Yes’ was the best decision I’ve made this hot summer!

I have an intense week of restaurant visits and events ahead of me, so I decided to get some rest Friday night and stay home. Also, I want to eat healthy when I can in an effort to balance out these upcoming activities of indulgence. The timing of this challenge could not have been better. Here’s how I kicked off my Friday night at home in the sweltering heat…
Healthy Smoothie Recipes SummerI used .2 litres (a little less than half a cup for my American friends) of the Lactofree semi skimmed milk that was also included in the colourful tote bag. Then, I grabbed about two hands full of fresh blueberries.
Healthy Smoothie Recipes SummerFor the next step, I added the same amount of fresh raspberries and a small, cut up banana.
Healthy Smoothie Recipes SummerBecause I like my smoothies super chill, I tossed 4 large ice cubes on the top. After about a minute of running it through the compact multi-chopper, I had this summer treat to beat the British heat…
Healthy Smoothie Recipes SummerHealthy Smoothie Recipes SummerThe amount of antioxidants in this fruity beverage simply rocks! It is one of many berry simple healthy smoothie recipes you can try, Sunny friends.

And you’re certainly not limited to the ingredients I played with in my kitchen.
Healthy Smoothie Recipes SummerOh, come on! You didn’t think Sunny was going to just throw some healthy smoothie recipes on the blog without playing with her food a bit too, now did you? 😉

Of course not!
Healthy Smoothie Recipes Summer

Other Healthy Smoothie Recipes:

You can also add strawberries to the ingredients I listed above. Or, something I’ve done in the past is toss in fresh peaches. If you can get ground flax seed, throw a tablespoon of that in too. It changes the texture just a bit, and you can barely taste it.

Lactofree sent this fun recipe to try as well:
– 1/2 banana
– 100g strawberries
– 80g tofu or Lactofree cream cheese
– 200ml Lactofree dairy drink
– 10g almonds
– Handful of blueberries

The dietary benefits to healthy smoothie recipes are obvious. But, what I also love is I don’t constantly have to fetch fresh fruit at the grocery store. By simply keeping my preferred fruit in my freezer, I can just grab some Lactofree milk, eliminate the ice cubes, and toss in the frozen fruit. Walaaaaah!

So, Sunny friends, also included in the package I received was kiwi and mint. Aside from what I did below, how would you include these ingredients in one of your healthy smoothie recipes?

Healthy Smoothie Recipes Summer

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  1. I really enjoy drinking smoothies it is a great way to get your fruit intake. I add vital green to mine and it really improves my energy levels. I have switched to lactose free milk on occasions and was really surprised how good it tastes like good old milk. Hope you are well and look forward to your eating adventures Lucy x

    1. Thank you, Lucy! I’ve tried green drinks but haven’t really found any that I enjoyed enough to drink regularly. I would love your recommendations.

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