How to Write a Blog

How to Write a Blog that ROCKS- PART TWO!

Since I received great feedback from my first post on How to Write a Blog that Rocks, today I’m sharing even more!

When I attend blogger events, I’m regularly asked how my blog gained attention so quickly in London. This is what I can say…

How to Write a Blog that ROCKS- Be Social

Many articles suggest connecting with other bloggers. One of the first bloggers I β€˜met’ is the American Londoner. His material is phenomenal. I commented on a few of his posts many months ago. Soon after, a marketing company that had worked with him got in touch with me about collaborating with them on a guest post.  This led to several opportunities for me to attend other events with the agency.

I also have attended every tea, brunch or other blogger meet up that I see in my social network news feeds. Two bloggers who coordinate these via Twitter invites are Selena from Oh The Places We’ll Go! and Catherine from Lux Life. Follow them!

Prior to the event, I research bloggers who will be there. I go to the event prepared with questions and conversation relevant to their work. 

How to Write a Blog that ROCKS- Have a Business Card

Make sure you have stacks of business cards ready to distribute at these events, or anywhere for that matter. You might think paper is a thing of the past. Surprisingly, in the bloggers’ world it’s a hot commodity. There’s tons of us. If you’re lucky, people might google you the next day, possibly. Give them everything they could want in one small card. If you can get them to follow you on Twitter immediately, even better. 

How to Write a Blog

How to Write a Blog that ROCKS- Check Your Stats Regularly

I don’t mean be obsessed with your stats 24/7. Just make sure you’re connection to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools is working. Sadly, in one of my best weeks for page views, I didn’t know the hits weren’t registering over a 4 day period.

After a damn near heart attack when I saw my numbers had flatlined, I spent several hours researching the problem. Apparently when I had discontinued one of my WordPress plug-ins, I also cut the registration of my Google ID with my blog.

If you plan to monetize your blog at any point, all these numbers matter. Check them every few days. Make sure you definitely do it after any major changes to your blog.

How to Write a Blog that ROCKS- Use Photo Apps on Your Mobile

How to Write a Blog

Having the ability to immediately create a collage from images on location saves me tons of time once I start working on the actual post. I use PicFrame.
I do lose big parts of the first image, so I’ve learned to include large borders of material I don’t need when I initially take a shot.

How to Write a Blog that ROCKS- Ladies, Don’t Invest in an Expensive Handbag

How to Write a Blog

Whatever you use to drag around your camera, business cards, iPhone charge cord and other blogging paraphernalia is going to get seriously abused. And besides, once you start meeting with PR’s on a regular basis, you’re gonna be totes overwhelmed. See…

How to Write a Blog that ROCKS!

So, Sunny friends, does any of this sound familiar? Any additional ideas you can share with us?

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  1. I love these posts, keep them coming. And I shall shelve my handbag envy (always at a peak when summer comes round the corner) and be content with the totally awesome one I got on amazon for five pounds instead. Problem solved.

  2. Brilliant tips… especially the collage one. I find when I’m on it, I’m exceed myself and do really well following tips like these but then work/ life gets in the way and I abandon ship. You seem so focussed 24/7… is that just your default setting? Impressive, if so!

    Sophie x

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