A Sexy Night at Noir W1 in London

Popping in to London’s latest lounges is always a fun thing to do, especially when they’re in a great area of town.

This is why I was very excited to visit Noir W1, a fairly new nightclub in Marylebone.

It was a familiar location to me, as it’s exactly where the club Après used to be. In fact, if you can find Selfridges, you can find Noir W1. They’re gorgeous neighbours.

Noir’s makeover is a head turner. Now, I don’t mean like a Bruce Jenner double take on Vanity Fair kind of cranial whip, but the lounge should get a serious look over from my night owl readers.


As the name would suggest, the interior is dark. If you remember the previous Après lower level, here’s what’s in Noir now…


noir-w1-london-marylebone-cocktail-barThe night I visited it was being prepped for an exclusive event.

Noir’s menu has several yummy options for you.

My selections included the Beef Carpaccio and the Seared Tuna with Wasabi Mash and Chimichurri.



I regret Mr Sunny couldn’t join me because it would have allowed me also to sample the Truffled Mac and Cheese. It sounded delicious. I don’t think I ever met a truffle I didn’t like.

Noir’s cocktail list, however, is the real attraction. It’s a bit naughty. But what would you expect from a lounge named Noir?

For my first drink, I sipped on the Kiss Me Deadly.


A real charmer, isn’t it? {giggles}

It’s a blend of mandarin and lavendar shrub, gin and Champagne. Now, if you think about it, this drink is perfect for a champagne loving Florida girl who now lives in London. The orange flavour of the ‘Sunshine State’ paired with a quintessential British liquor and topped with bubbles really could be my kiss of death. I was careful to pace myself!

The second drink I tested at Noir W1 is the PPC Cocktail, which has Portobello Road gin, sushi ginger and grapefruit bitters.


I give both drinks two thumbs up.  And you can see from their creative presentation, Noir W1 really makes an extra effort to make their drinks fun.

I would suggest Noir W1 for a place to go with a group of friends if you’re near the Marylebone area after work or later. Being so close to Selfridges, I can imagine it attracts a fashionable crowd around happy hour and certainly in to the evening hours.


My visit was around 6:30pm on a Thursday. I’d love to hear about your experience at Noir W1 later in the evening. It seems like it would be a great place for a little dancing, good food and great cocktails.

My delicious drinks and food were complimentary for the purpose of a review. This does not affect my opinion of the cocktail bar.

Where is your favourite hot spot in Marylebone, Sunny friends?

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