Underground Cookery School London

Underground Cookery School London- A Recipe for Fun?

My night at The Underground Cookery School London has been stewing in my head for a week. If you follow my Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account, you know I had a blast at their recent blogger evening. But, writing a review has been a whole ‘nother story.

You see, Sunny friends, I made a big mistake. Yep. I’ll admit it.

I had so much fun chillin’ with the other fab bloggers who were invited to the event that I have very few insider cooking tips for ‘ya. And here’s why…

You see, I thought it was a cooking class. So, when I arrived early , I took all my establishing shots. Logo, seating arrangements, kitchen, fabulous Arancini balls… CHECK!Underground Cookery School London

I ate about 6 of the Arancini balls they set out for us because they were the best I’ve ever had. And, then I met Lucie…

Underground Cookery School London

She and I have been corresponding for months! Meeting her in real life was super cool!

Then, the hostess extraordinaire for the night, Anneliese started pouring everyone Prosecco.

In a random conversation, I discovered a blogger I’ve been following forever, A London Thing

Underground Cookery School LondonShe’s an absolute natural in the kitchen. When they asked us to dive in and start the dinner preparation work, she showed she’s a master chef. Check her out…Underground Cookery School London

Next, the bella Italian blogger who invited me to the event arrived. Underground Cookery School LondonIf you don’t know, that’s Chiara from Ma Che Davvero. Among these ultra talented bloggers, it was tough for me to focus.

*Anneliese pours me more Prosecco*

Our next task was to debone, fillet, or skin a chicken. I have no idea what the technical term is. I had to dissect a raw chicken… (WARNING—>  Vegans Beware! Explicit photos to follow…)

Underground Cookery School London

So, that’s the result of the raw massacre. I don’t know if what I did was right. But, having the immediate attention of a knowledgeable chef when I needed it, relieved my fears.Underground Cookery School LondonUnderground Cookery School London

Next, we had to debone or fillet a fish. (Again, I have no idea which term is correct. If you do, help a sista out and put it in the comments.)Underground Cookery School London

That’s my before pic of Mr. Fish. And, don’t you worry. This Florida girl was not afraid.  Underground Cookery School London

Well, I can’t say the experience smelled that great. But I got Medieval on that scaly carcass. The end. (Pictures by request only.)

Through all this deboning, trimming, filleting, whatever you call it, I managed to get some pictures of the other blogger babes hard at work…Underground Cookery School LondonAnd others making sure they captured every step on film…Underground Cookery School LondonWe weren’t really sure what to do.

Cook? Blog? Eat? Drink?

It was just a chaotic mix of fun.

And some how in this haze of chopping, stirring, drinking, chatting, photographing and netoworking, we never lost site of the end result… DESSERT!
Underground Cookery School London

I have no idea how we were able to have such a feast for dinner. Most of us spent our time learning basic cooking tips and yapping with one another. But, somehow our dinners hit the table in front of us.Underground Cookery School London

That’s the Roast Breast of Chicken with Broad Beans, Jersey Royals and Salsa Verde, Sea Bass with Pea and Lemon Dressing, and Strawberry Meringue Roulade.

The food was spectacular. Though I wasn’t sure who really cooked it. Most of us did a hideous job of chopping our chicken and fish bits.

I did, however, manage a few bits of cooking advice…

Cooking Tips from Underground Cookery School London:

– Make sure your egg whites are always room temperature. They’ll whip much faster.
– Make sure the peaks are stiff.
– Fish shouldn’t have eyes that are glazed over, if they’re freshly caught.

I struggled for a week about what to write for you, because as you an see, I just had a damn good time. So, I decided to do some research on the Underground Cookery School London website.

‘The Underground Cookery School London was set up in the summer of 2003 to offer fun and informal cookery events as a way of learning uncomplicated, delicious, contemporary cooking.’

We are specifically designed as a corporate team building / private party / hen night event… On arrival you’ll grab a delicious homemade canapé, enjoy plenty of wine and with the rest of the party make a three-course meal under our instruction.’

Ooooooooh! No wonder I had so much fun meeting other bloggers and just learned a little bit about cooking. The class is designed to bring people together through food!Underground Cookery School London

So, Sunny friends, if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening with friends, colleagues, or people you just have to tolerate, check out the Underground Cookery School. I can guarantee it’s a team-inspiring night of full of food, fun and booze!

Underground Cookery School LondonUnderground Cookery School London

What do you think, Sunny friends. Do you have suggestions for activities like this around London?

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  1. It was so lovely to finally meet you. What a fun evening and one I hope I get to repeat with you at some point. Great review. I too found the cooking, blogging and eating combination a challenge to say the least. It was good fun though. Hope you have had a nice weekend Lucy x

  2. Was lovely to meet you! I had such a great evening, I’ve been telling everyone about it and dreaming about that roulade ever since!

  3. Didya REALLY debone that fish with that eye looking at you????? The final presentation looks absolutely delish!! You must have paid close attention to the instructions between sips of Prosecco. Photos show a lot of ladies having great fun while learning to prepare a wonderful meal.

  4. This looks like a lot of fun!! What is that dessert called?! I’ve got to dig out a recipe for it!! I’ve heard about this cookery school from a few blogs actually and it looks like a great place to do a class with friends or maybe I’ll drag my husband!

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