The Orange Tree Totteridge London

The Orange Tree and a Big, Big Burger

There are some places that just serve as magnets for your attention. The Orange Tree in Totteridge does that to me.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

I mean what kind of Florida girl living in London doesn’t fancy a trip to a gastropub called The Orange Tree?The Orange Tree Totteridge London

The decor and ambiance is comfortable and cheery.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

The Orange Tree Totteridge LondonI especially wanted to eat at The Orange Tree because I love the Arkley and The Freemasons Arms. They’re all owned by the same company. The menu at all three is virtually the same.

You probably remember The Freemasons Arms from Hampstead Pub Crawl- HOT Beer Gardens post that I wrote in the Spring.

Mr. Sunny and I popped in The Orange Tree a few weeks ago mid-day on a Tuesday. The weather was gorgeous. We sipped on Prosecco and beer.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

The Orange Tree Totteridge LondonThe gastropub is located a distance from the road. This makes it extra enjoyable and fun when there’s sunshine.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

This past Saturday, the ambiance was very different. It’s a good thing we arrived in a cab with my Sunny-in-laws. The car park was mobbed. That beautiful spacious road in the picture above was lined with cars on both sides. Good thing I took all my interior pictures the first time I visited!

My Sunny-mummy-in-law and I are big bubbly fans, so we shared a bottle of Prosecco. The boys bought beer. It was San Miguel again for Mr. Sunny. His dad had a Doombar.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

We were proud of ourselves for booking a table. Actually, all the credit goes to my clever mummy-in-law.

Despite the crowds, they sat us as soon as we were ready.

Mr. Sunny ordered Smoked Cornish Sardine Fillets.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

I went for my go-to-non-carb-delight, Caprese Salad.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

Mr. Sunny’s mum had the Salt and Pepper Squid. I was a little slow on this picture. There was more to the Starter than is displayed here.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

His dad loved the Ham Hock Terrine. You see, he had been excited about ordering it all week. He enjoyed it so much, he skipped a Main course.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

Not me, Sunny friends. I went big. For realz…The Orange Tree Totteridge London

That’s the Home-Made West Country Beef Burger. I’m pretty sure I told them to even pack on extra cheese.

It was a damn good cheeseburger.

Mr. Sunny picked the Rack of Lamb from the Specials menu. He says it was bloody lovely!The Orange Tree Totteridge London

And, my mummy-in-law chose the Sticky Crispy Duck Salad.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

We had a fabulous afternoon and will definitely be back to enjoy more of their delicious cuisine. Although next time, I’ll probably walk there and home so I can be able to squeeze in to my jeans. Because passing up that fantastic cheeseburger would be a sure way to rain on my parade.The Orange Tree Totteridge London

The Orange Tree is located at Totteridge Village, London N20 8NX.

What other gastropubs can you recommend, Sunny friends?

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  1. I cannot believe the size of that burger, the food looks yummy here. I have a bit of an issue with big burgers I try to eat them in a civised manner and always end up making a huge mess or stab myself with the tooth pick holding it together. Have a wonderful week looks like its going to be sunny Lucy x

    1. Thanks, Lucy! Great to meet you this week. I’m publishing my post today on the Underground Cookery. Looking forward to reading yours today too!

  2. Wow, when looking at the pictures of the place originally I wasn’t expecting it to serve just prime and delicious food. I’ll definitely be trying this place out!!

    Fresh And Fearless

    1. Thanks for reading, Aftab! Glad you enjoyed it. I’ve been to the Arkley many times, and the Freemasons Arms once. The Orange Tree is the best for both food presentation and quality. Let me know if you go. Of course, if you have any gastropub recommendations, I’d love to know those too.

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