Choccywoccydoodah London dipping plate

Choccywoccydoodah Secrets- What’s behind the Chocolate Empire

For nearly 20 years Christine and Christine have been molding their chocolate fortune, Choccywoccydoodah. What started off as an idea launched by finishing a bottle of gin, is now a sweet international success. Sunny friends, I’m about to tell you the Choccywoccydoodah Secrets!

Choccywoccydoodah London

Aside from currently taping its fifth television season, Choccywoccydoodah is also days away from opening a second location in Brighton which features both a chocolate shop and café. The first one is located in the Newburgh Quarter of Carnaby Street.

Newburgh Quarter Carnaby Street

I had the pleasure of meeting with Henry, the Director’s Assistant for Choccywoccydoodah, on one beautiful Sunny in London day.

Choccywoccydoodah London Carnaby Street
30-32 Fouberts Place. Carnaby, W1F 7PS

When I first stepped foot in Choccywoccydoodah London, I felt like Dorothy opening the door to Oz.

Choccywoccydoodah London

It was an immediate transformation into the surreal as I sifted through piles and piles of chocolate goodies to meet Henry.

Choccywoccydoodah London

We headed upstairs to the café and ordered 2 chocolate drinks, a white chocolate and a mocha. Henry suggested the chocolate dipping plate for lunch. Oh Henry!!! (I think he’ll be my new BFF.)

Choccywoccydoodah London Dipping Plate
Milk Chocolate Tiffin, White Chocolate and coconut tiffin, Toffee popcorn bars (in milk chocolate and white chocolate), Brownie, Blondie, Chocolate flapjack and Coconut macaroon. Served with molten chocolate.

For the next hour, we dipped chocolate in to molten chocolate, and I learned the secrets behind this magical kingdom.

Choccywoccydoodah London dipping plate

Choccywoccydoodah Secret #1-

To create the beautiful designs, Choccywoccydoodah only uses Belgium chocolate. With it, they have made everything from popcorn lollipops to cakes (wedding, anniversay, divorce and even funeral).

Choccywoccydoodah London

Choccywoccydoodah Secret #2-

Celebrity clients have included: Whoopi Goldberg, Joan Collins, Rihanna, Madonna and Kylie Minogue. Oh yeah, and Choccywoccydoodah made Elton John’s wedding cake. As you can see from this glittery list, their cakes appeal to those who are ready to go mad with chocolate design and fun.

Choccywoccydoodah London

To have a bespoke or custom made cake, a client needs to contact them via their email 3-6 months prior to the special date.

Here’s what they call a Taster Cake.

Choccywoccydoodah Taster Cake

It features one layer of each flavor they offer (chocolate, lemon, ginger, coffee or coconut).  Each one-inch layer is separated with a truffle filling in either dark chocolate, white chocolate, praline or champagne.

Previous designs have featured dragons, carousels, horses and even a full blown amusement park including a roller coaster! Here’s one of Christine’s favorites, a chocolate cabbage leaf.

Choccywoccydoodah London

Cakes start around £450 for 40-50 portions. The “Midi” is 2 feet tall and is from £795-£1000. It features 3 tiers and includes 120-150 portions.

Once they respond to your email, Choccywoccydoodah arranges a consultation in which they discuss your event’s themes, colors, venue and mood.

Choccywoccydoodah Secret #3-

Every design and creation is handmade. No machines are involved. In fact, Henry said he could easily name each person who made each piece of delicious candy in the store. Whoa!

Choccywoccydoodah London

Choccywoccydoodah Secret #3-

So how does one score a golden ticket for a job here? Henry indicated that there’s a close group of people who come from an array of artistic backgrounds on the team, which is more like a family. One of the bakers is actually a musician. The owners seek people with creative abilities and high problem solving skills, rather than culinary degrees. In fact, one of the Christines comes from a graphic design background.

Choccywoccydoodah Secret #4-

The London location has a Secret Room. Sunny friends, you are getting a peek today!

Choccywoccydoodah London Secret Room

This room is available for corporate events, office meetings and team building events.

Choccywoccydoodah London Secret Room

Choccywoccydoodah London Secret RoomOh, and Henry said they’ve hosted quite a few bloggers’ teas. Hmmmm.

Choccywoccydoodah London Secret Room (7) Choccywoccydoodah London Secret Room

Choccywoccydoodah London Secret Room

Choccywoccydoodah Secret #5-

This year’s Easter theme is DINOSAUR EGGS! It would’ve been pretty sweet if I had scored a picture of the sample Henry showed me on his phone, but the eggs haven’t been officially hatched yet. You’ll just have to show up at the London or Brighton locations in about a week for your very own peek.

So, Sunny friends, I hope you enjoyed this sugary bit of inside information. Keep this great place in mind for Easter, or better yet Mother’s Day (March 30 in the UK).

P.S.- I’m still running off the calories from my chocolate lunch, but like Henry said, “It’s sooooo worth it!”

Special thanks to the staff of Choccywoccydoodah in London and Henry for an absolutely DELICIOUS day!


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  1. Now I REALLY am jealous !!!! I can think of nothing near me (somewhere in Eastern USA) to compare to this wonderfully delightful shop. As a chocoholic, my taste buds are mesmerized and my eyes are like saucers as I scroll through the dark, milk and white photos. Nothing could be better than dipping chocolate into chocolate in such a fanciful setting.

    1. Hello Patty! All I can say is I tried very hard to capture the sensations with words, but there really aren’t any that do justice to how delicious that dipping plate is! When I looked at Henry with a bit of guilt each time I dipped another delicacy in the molten chocolate, I believe he was right with, “IT’S WORTH IT!!!!:

    1. Angie, I think it truly defines decadence for wedding cakes. Have you decided where you’ll get yours yet? I remember you saying you had written about it in your blog. I’m sure with your knowledge of London, you’ve found something exquisite!

  2. Wow! All I can say is wow! I think I’d be walking out with a big ole sugar headache, but it would probably be worth it!! =P Blogger Tea here would be awesome! That room is amazing! Well, the whole store looks amazing!!

    1. Tina, I went straight from there to a pubcrawl with my husband in Highgate. It was one of those sensory overload days, for sure! I emailed them about our May tea, but I haven’t heard anything back yet.

  3. I love the Choccywoccydoodah show and the shops even more. I have visited the London and Brighton one the cakes and hot choclate are yummy Lucy

    1. Thank you for reading, Lucy! I wish I had been able to try the cake, but that’s all the more reason to go back. The new Brighton shop is scheduled to open March 15th. I’d love to hear about it , if you make it back.

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