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HOT Things to Do in Carnaby Street

When I mention “Carnaby Street” you might conjure up images of bohemians, 60’s mods, punk rockin’ Sex Pistols, and perhaps the great international man of mystery… Austin Powers. YEAH BABY!!! What you might not realise is this wildly popular London area has maintained its edge for decades through a focused goal of offering unique experiences for everyone. Take it from this Florida girl, there are some seriously HOT things to do in Carnaby Street NOW!

Foremost, the area sets itself apart from others by striving for one of a kind establishments. For example, the Benefit Cosmetics store is the only one in the world that also offers spa services. Who wants to join me for a full day of research for an upcoming story? 😉


The Dr Martens store also offers bespoke services (American friends, that means “custom-made”)

Dr Martens Carnaby London

To keep things really hot, I’m suggesting you check out these highlights:


With a magnetic force, the sign out front, “Lava-Grilled Burgers…Served with a Side of Sunshine” pulled me inside.

Kua Aina London

The friendly staff each proudly bounced around in their Hawaiian themed attire and quickly seated me at a charming table. Within minutes, I placed my order for a lava-grilled cheeseburger and started enjoying the lovely beach themed atmosphere.

Kuaaina Burger

Kua Aina Burger

My cheeseburger absolutely dissolved in my mouth and my only complaint was that entire experience lasted less than a half an hour due to the efficiency of the staff. For those eager to try it and channel their inner Barack Obama (I hear it’s one of the President’s favourites), the restaurant is also in Honolulu, Haleiwa and Tokyo. Aloha Baby!

Kua Aina Burger


This “Caribbean inspired beach shack restaurant” is nestled on the 2nd floor of Kingly Court.

Rum Kitchen Kingly Court Carnaby London

Their cocktail menu is a match for any Rum enthusiast, and I can’t imagine there’s anywhere better in London to devour Caribbean Jerk Chicken.  While sipping on my Pina Colada, I found it hard not to start dancing to the Caribbean vibes resonating from the walls.


And, if you’re like me and fancy a hot night of dancing, you really need to hit Disco. There’s numerous nightclubs, pubs, and wine bars in Carnaby, but this one is really jumping.

Disco Bar Carnaby Disco Bar CarnabyWith its “design to invoke the glamour of Studio 54,” this club is frequented by Strictly Come Dancing cast members. Be sure to get on the Guest List before you go, Sunny friends!


If you like to make a great impression while you sweat, I suggest these two locations. Sweaty Betty was founded by a Londoner in 1998 and has since rocked the athletic attire industry. The Sweaty Betty Carnaby store doesn’t just sell their gear, it also offers exercise classes.

SweattyBetty Carnaby London

However, if you want information “Hot off the Press”, you might want to take an afternoon yoga class at Triyoga. Due to the numerous media offices located within the area, I’m told many journalists hit this studio on their lunch hour.

TriYoga Carnaby


With all this hot fun, you’re going to need to deescalate, Sunny friends. If you fancy a truly British cup of tea and beautifully baked sweets, just across from TriYoga is Camellia’s Tea House.

Camellias Tea House Carnaby London

This oasis on the top floor of Kingly Court specialises in loose leaf teas containing only naturally grown ingredients. They hand-blend their teas in London. Camellia’s also offers a gorgeous selection of teapots, cups and accessories for purchase.

Camellias Tea House Carnaby London Camellias-Tea-House-Carnaby-London-3 Camellias-Tea-House-Carnaby-London-4 Camellias-Tea-House-Carnaby-London-5

And finally, a great place to simmer down and chill is Moosh, a real fruit and smoothie café that claims to be a “healthy indulgence to take you to your happy place.”

I can certainly say that the Kickstarter shake (freshly ground cucumber, avocado, apple, lime and wheatgrass) I drank certainly made me feel Sunny all day. (See if you can spot it in the pictures below)

Moosh Carnaby London

I spent two full days touring Carnaby, which is now my new favourite place. Checkout their website to learn about their Privilege Card and an app you can download for a 40-minute historic tour.

I’ll keep you in the loop when I get inside tips for competitions, shopping events (joined with Grazia and GQ magazines) and more hot things to do in Carnaby Street!

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  1. Oh man, that burger joint is one of my favorites for the fact alone that they do a crazy good order of sweet potato fries (which when given the chance, I inhale)!

  2. I love Carnaby Street! I will have to check out the spa services at Benefit Cosmetics. I can vouch for Trigoga being a lovely place to do some yoga ~ I loved it when we first moved to London. I must go back for a class or two and check out what Sweaty Betty has in store. I really enjoyed your post!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Gina. You’ll love Benefit. The tour I had of the store was so much fun. You just don’t realise there’s so much more downstairs… like a CHAMPAGNE BAR!

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