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Highgate Pub Crawl- a Hike, some Hype, and a Hangover?

Fasten your seat belts, Sunny friends, because this Highgate Pub Crawl is steep and plentiful! I know you can handle the truth, but if you can’t handle a big hill and 5 PUBS, you had better just stop reading right now.

Ahhhh, I knew you’d stick around, sunshines. So, let’s go!

After my long day researching chocolate for an upcoming blog story (Yes, you read that right. Stay tuned for that at the end of the week…) I met Mr Sunny at The Woodman Highgate Pub.

Highgate Pub Crawl Woodman Pub Highgate
414 Archway Road , Highgate , London , N6 5UA

Not to be confused with the The Woodman Pub in Hertfordshire, this pub literally is right outside the Highgate tube station on the Northern Line. When Mr Sunny said, “Go up the escalator, turn right, and you’ll see it” he wasn’t kidding!

Highgate Pub Crawl Woodman Pub Highgate

And on a Sunny in London day, can’t you just see yourself catching some rays in this stunning beer garden. Nice flat screen, eh?

Highgate Pub Crawl Woodman Pub Highgate (6) Highgate Pub Crawl Woodman Pub Highgate

Once we got seated, I shared my day’s adventure in a chocolatier’s in Carnaby Street with Mr Sunny as we sipped on our standard adult beverages, Stella and red wine.

Highgate Pub Crawl Woodman Pub Highgate (4) Highgate Pub Crawl Woodman Pub Highgate

As we made our way up hill to the next liquid sunshine seller, I was glad I had on my flat boots. The climb up the road is intense, so I definitely recommend you follow this pub crawl in order!

After our little workout, we arrived at a really famous Fuller’s pub, The Flask. It’s popular not only because it’s been Pub of the Year…

Highgate Pub Crawl The Flask Pub
77 Highgate West Hill, Camden, London N6 6BU

Highgate Pub Crawl The Flask Pub

But also because George Michael, Sting and Kate Moss literally live across the street. So, I’ll give you one guess where they drink.

Aside from getting me all hot and bothered about the possibility of a celebrity siting (just like I did at Primrose Hill) the Flask is fun because it has so many areas to hang. With its numerous nooks, I can see why celebrities choose it for their local.

Highgate Pub Crawl The Flask Pub

Highgate Pub Crawl The Flask Pub

Although, I could’ve stayed all night stalking waiting for a glimmer of Hollywood possibly to arrive, Mr Sunny had other pubs planned. We walked a bit to the Prince of Wales. This is the back entrance. It’s right in the center of the picture.

Highgate Pub Crawl The Prince of Wales
53 Highgate High St, London N6 5JX

And this is the front…

Highgate Pub Crawl Prince of Wales Pub

Highgate Pub Crawl Prince of Wales Pub Highgate

It’s fairly tiny. We sipped on our beer and wine and made our way to The Angel Inn.

The Angel Inn Highgate
37 Highgate High St, London N6 5JT

I love The Angel Inn for it’s charm and fun décor.

The Angel Inn Highgate

After our drinks there, we took the bull by the horns for our final stop. I’m not kidding…

Highgate Pub Crawl The Bull Highgate
13 N Hill, Highgate, London N6 4AB

The Bull Highgate is one exceptional brewpub, and yes they have a MICROBREWERY! It’s huge, and the food is great. In fact, the Buffalo Wings on Wednesday is an extremely popular menu item.

Having eaten an entire plate of dipping chocolate for lunch, I skipped a starter, but Mr Sunny chose one of his favorites… Buffalo Wings!

Highgate Pub Crawl The Bull

Next, we enjoyed our entrees…

Highgate Pub Crawl The Bull
The Bull bacon and beer cheeseburger, carmelised onion and bacon jam, hand cut chips

Highgate Pub Crawl The Bull

Highgate Pub Crawl The Bull Highgate
Beer street battered haddock and chips, mushy peas, fresh tartare sauce

By this time the sun was starting to set, so we were both ridiculously full (and dizzy from the 5 pub visits), so we headed to the bus stop to make our way back to our flat.

Highgate Pub Crawl The Bull Highgate

There’s a lot more to the Highgate area than what I’ve highlighted on my Highgate Pub Crawl. It’s a gorgeous neighborhood full of many pubs and shops that will surely impress you. Are there any other ones that you can recommend, Sunny friends?

Highgate Pub Crawl London

And, if you’re looking for more fabulous pubs to visit, we highly recommend The Good Pub Guide. American readers can find it here.

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  1. I think whilst I was living in London I only ever went to Highgate once and that was for some fringe theatre. Bit gutted now cos it looks like I missed out on so much more! How cute are all these little pubs?!

    1. Yikes! They really are great to visit. There’s quite a few suggestions here that I’m going to follow as well. Any pubs in London that you can recommend for future pub crawls?

  2. I love this roundup of pubs!! There’s a few new ones I need to try and I have always walked past and wondered about The Angel but never ventured inside, I will definitely do so now. One that I can recommend is The Bull and Last, and all I will say about them is Triple Cooked Chips xx

  3. I am so jealous! While I am walking the dog through the latest accumulation of snow, you are walking up hills to a beautiful bed of colorful spring flowers. Please tell me they artificial transplants! The décor and food all look yummy in each of the pubs you have visited.

    1. Hi Patty! Pretty sure they are real flowers 😉 Each pub has it’s own personality, and the food at The Bull is always top notch. I only wish we has seen a few celebrities to make the day perfect!

  4. Next time try Chicken Shop for dinner and the Bull & Last for some ice cream! So yummy.

  5. Thank you for this great post. Will probably go to Highgate in two weeks and follow your footsteps.

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