6 Foods From Around the World That You Must Try

I think a lot of people are guilty of having quite closed off appetites. We tend to stick to things with which we are familiar; food from our own country. The fact is that the world is full of amazing cuisines and dishes that you could be missing.

So, it’s time to broaden your palette and start eating more food from around the world! Below is a selection of foods from different cuisines that everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.


We’ll start things off with a famous dish out of Canada- poutine! For those that don’t know, poutine is a dish that combines delicious chips with gravy and cheese curds. Initially, you may be put off by the cheese curds, but it is a combination that works incredibly well!

Here in the UK, it’s not absurd to pop down to your local chippy and order chips with gravy. We know that combo works incredibly well – I mean, it’s not too different from roast potatoes with gravy! But, it’s the cheese curds that really sets this apart from any other chips with gravy dishes. Unfortunately, you’re not likely to find poutine on the menu in most restaurants. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it. There are plenty of recipes you can follow – even ones for vegan poutine.


Fish n Chips

Speaking of poutine and chip shops, it would be a crime not to include a British favourite- fish n chips! This dish is a staple of British cuisine, and you can find it on pretty much any high street you walk down. It’s a Friday-night favourite; families around the country will head on down to the chippy and enjoy some crispy battered fish with perfectly cooked chips.

If you’re American, then you’ll know there are some key differences between American and British food. One of them is that you call chips ‘fries’ and they tend to be a lot thinner than what we are referring to here. Chips in the UK are nice, thickly sliced potatoes that are fried in oil. They need to be thick or else you don’t get the delightfully fluffy insides! However, it’s the fish that makes this; beer battered, deep fried, and just do deliciously tasty.


Bao Buns

Most of us have had Chinese takeaways, but we all tend to get similar things. We have tubs of fried rice, noodles, crispy chicken, black bean sauce, and so on. But, one of China’s most famous dishes is rarely seen; the humble bao bun.

These buns are essentially Chinese bread rolls that are steam cooked in special little steamers. It creates such a unique texture – the buns are fluffy, sticky, and take on the flavours of the filling. Traditionally, you fill these with BBQ pork belly, along with a few spring onions or other greens to garnish. These days, you can purchase bao bun kits that provide you with everything you need to recreate the dish at home. The secret lies in the steaming method – this is what makes them so different from sliders or any other pork rolls. With so many great Asian and Chinese-inspired restaurants around, it’s easy to find somewhere to try these as well.



When it comes to Italian cuisine, I could literally make an entire article on the different dishes you need to try. But, for the sake of fairness, I’ve tried to limit things to one dish from one place. So, I settled on gnocchi here – a delightful Italian treat.

Gnocchi is kind of like an Italian dumpling made from potatoes and flour. You can have lots of fun making gnocchi at home, and it’s great to get the others involved as you roll them out in their little shapes. They don’t take long to cook, and you end up with something soft and just incredible. The way they are shaped allows them to hold the sauce, which adds to the flavour. As for the sauce, you can try so many different varieties. But, my one I enjoy is Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina – which comes from the Amalfi Coast. Here, you enjoy gnocchi in a tomato/mozzarella sauce; it’s incredible!


Swedish Meatballs

Anyone that’s ever been to Ikea will know the true delight of Swedish meatballs. Granted, you’re hardly getting the authentic taste when you get them from the Ikea cafe! But, they’re still pretty damn tasty, and it is an excellent place to get them if you have never tried them before. Most people associate meatballs with spaghetti, but the Swedes do things differently. Here, you typically have them with gravy drizzled over them, and usually with some sort of potato as well.

As with all these foods, your best experience will come in the country of origin. Sweden will throw up loads of incredible different meatball meals that will blow your mind away. So, if you’re planning a trip anytime soon, I suggest adding Sweden to your list of places to go. Otherwise, you can always go to Ikea – and there is no shortage of restaurants serving up this delicacy as well.


This is a collaborative post on Sunny in London.

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