10 Foods You Must Eat in London

What to eat in London can almost be tougher to decide than what things to do. When I first moved here as a study abroad student, eating British cuisine wasn’t really preferred or popular.

The options for delicious food has certainly increased since then.


Foods to Eat in London – The List

I can’t say that I would eat everything on the list. In fact, there is one thing my London born husband contributed that I will never eat. And, if you know Mr Sunny, of course it’s also a bit funny.

After you watch the video, there are two things for which I would love feedback. And- I hope to hear from both Londoners and visitors, especially Americans. They are:

Do you agree with where I say you should never eat in London? What are your thoughts about the British food I say you should never eat?

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  1. Will be in London in September. Will take your advice and try the suggested foods….well except the jellied eels :o)

    1. Good idea! Please let me know if there’s any questions I can answer before you arrive. Tons of stuff on the blog. The Guide that is on the home page might be a place to start. Feel free to send an email directly though too!

      1. Hey !! ‘Jellied Eals’are about as London and ‘ East End’ as the Old Kent Road and utterly delicious but you must put plenty of Vinegar and Pepper on them. Dont miss the Chance to try them !

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