Shake Shack London Covent Garden

Shake Shack- 5 Reasons you MUST go!

If you haven’t been to Shake Shack in London yet, I’m sorry. I’m just sorry. You really don’t know what you’re missing.

Sunny friends, let me give you 5 reasons why you must go to Shake Shack. Now!

1. Shake Shack is the best deal for a burger.

You may remember the Burger and Lobster review I wrote a few months ago. I was very impressed by the quality of the burger. However, the price tag is a whopping £20. The Double Shack Cheeseburger is £7.50. It’s 100% Aberdeen angus beef, which is grass fed on Scottish pastures. It’s damn juicy.
Shake Shack London Covent GardenIn fact, it’s served wrapped tightly in paper. By the time you are finished, the paper is soaked, your hands are gooey, and your stomach is full!

Shake Shack London Covent Garden
Mr. Sunny’s Smoke Shack (Cheeseburger topped with British free range Wiltshire cure smoked bacon, chopped cherry pepper and Shack Sauce)

2. Shake Shack has beer.

Unlike typical other street burger joints, Shake Shake also has beer and wine (white, red and rose). Although I skipped the wine options, Mr. Sunny was very excited about having beer with his beefcake. He happily washed them down together. Ahhhhhh!

3. Shake Shack has custard.

For the month of April, Shake Shack featured these flavours:
– Monday, Honey Roasted Peanut
– Tuesday, Arabic Coffee Crunch
– Wednesday, Chocolate Mint Fudge
– Thursday, Strawberry Blonde
– Friday, Malted Marshmallow Milk Chocolate
– Saturday, Salted Caramel
– Sunday, Red Velvet

Custard is always a great way to get a scoop of inner sunshine!

If you’re curious about May, keep an eye on their Custard Calendar.

4. Shake Shack is in Covent Garden.

Sunny readers know this is my favourite place in the world. While I’m not a fan of the constant flood of tourists, I adore the charm of this London area. Shake Shack is located in the heart of the historic market building.
Shake Shack London Covent GardenShake Shack London Covent Garden (9) Shake Shack London Covent GardenThey offer you the option of eating either inside or out.
Shake Shack London Covent GardenAnd, they do a really fabulous job of monitoring the queue. Mr. Sunny and I got lucky the day we visited. However, don’t be surprised if you have to wait for your juicy adventure in these…
Shake Shack London Covent GardenIt’s worth it. Trust me.

5. They’re very active on social media.

As a blogger, I pay close attention to how a company or small business engages with followers on social media. Shake Shack is a sure thing!

They seem to follow back and retweet everyone who reaches out to them. I love that. They’re one of my favourite Twitter accounts to follow.

They make following them worth your while by having promotions you don’t want to miss…

Finally, they’re truly marketing geniuses. With the most photogenic burger in the town, Shake Shack rocks the mother of all Instagram accounts…

So, there’s 5 solid reasons why you need to shake, shake, shake your booty on over to Shake Shack. I’ve also had the pleasure of enjoying Shake Shack at the JFK airport in New York City. The quality of food and service is equally as outstanding.

Get thee to Shake Shack, Sunny friends…

Let me know what you think when you do!

Shake Shack London Covent Garden

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  1. Wow these photos look good, you’ve made me so hungry though – I’ve skipped lunch because we’re going out for afternoon tea (yet again) and these pictures have made my tummy growl 🙁

    LOVE the custard idea, fantastic!

    I used to avoid Covent Garden quite a bit because of the tourists, if you can get there whilst it’s quiet though it’s the most perfect place to mooch about, so beautiful and loads of tasty food!

    Chloe x

    1. I hope you enjoyed your afternoon tea! They just released the May flavors for custard. They’re delicious. I am a bit disappointed they won’t have red velvet anymore. I agree about Covent Garden. It’s getting to be the time of year when it’s flooded all the time!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I think there’s only one in the UK. You’re right. It certainly does get packed. We waited about 10 minutes for our food, so it wasn’t too bad. In the summer, I imagine it will probably be much longer.

  2. On their buzzers they have a sticker that reads: friends that shack together stay together.

    What a lovely idea 🙂 Love Shake Shack. BTW it is American, so maybe you could do another comparison post ?

  3. I’ve heard some of my American friends talk about Shake Shack (I’m Canadian), but I thought it was just an American thing for some reason. I’m heading to London on vacation (my first time!) in June, and I planned to visit Covent Garden on the first day since it’s not too far from our hotel, and now I know what my first stop will be! My mouth is literally watering looking at these pictures.

    Your blog is AMAZING, I’m so glad I stumbled across it. I’m going to subscribe, plus I’ll probably spend the next week or so going through your posts and learning as much as I can. 😉

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