Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

Sofitel St James- A Punny Tale with GIANT Vegetables

How many times can you say you had cocktails while being surrounded by giant vegetable sculptures in a chic London Hotel? My guess is… not many, if ever.

While being invited to this kind of party wasn’t necessarily on my ‘Sunny bucket list’, it certainly wasn’t an opportunity I was going to turn down. Why? Because like Alice from Wonderland, I was just so damn curious.

Last week I went to the Sofitel St James, 6 Waterloo Place, London SW1Y 4AN for the opening night of an art exhibition. It was pitched to me ahead of time as ‘a stylish celebration of earth’s seasonal bounty with French artist Patrick Laroche.’ Since I had never been to the hotel’s stylish brasserie The Balcon, I was even more intrigued.Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

Sofitel St James is French owned, so I felt very shi shi foo foo, Sunny friends.

When I arrived, I found a giant vegetable sculpture outside the hotel’s entrance. Waaaaaa laaaa. Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

I absolutely couldn’t resist my first bad joke of the night. I asked the doorman if that was an asparagus in his pocket or was he just happy to see me. 😉Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

He found little humor in my joke. But, I was expecting a fairly chilli reception.Sofitel St James Laroche ExhibitionSofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

After some food and a few cocktails, people started to lighten up and go with the root of the exhibition’s concept.Sofitel St James Laroche ExhibitionSofitel St James Laroche ExhibitionI even got a sneaky picture with the ahhhhhhtist himself, Patrick Laroche! Don’t we just look like two peas next to a pod?Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

Did you notice the girl’s face over my shoulder? Perhaps she was a bit jealous I got a photo opp with Laroche? Maybe someone beet her in to coming?

Maybe she’d prefer an exhibition that united British with French that was a bit cheesier?
Sofitel St James Laroche ExhibitionOr maybe she should just yank out the carrot stuck up her…

Anyhow, I much more enjoyed the company of these fellas. They seemed quit amused and… cherry!Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

There were times during the exhibition that being surrounded by all these giant artistic vegetables made me feel like I was the White Rabbit on a crazy journey to the rabbit hole.Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

Sofitel St James Laroche ExhibitionOr maybe it was just all the damn cocktails they kept handing me.

I applaud Sofitel St James and Patrick Laroche for their inventiveness and creativity. Sofitel loves French culture and gastronomy and often organises events and exhibitions at the property. This one lasts from September 18-October 31.

Further, the hotel’s signature restaurant will offer new vibrant, vegetable dishes created by Head Chef, Vincent Ménager. There will also be a ‘Laroche Cocktail.’ It’s a fresh mixture of rosemary and basil cubes, cucumber, Heirloom tomatoes and finished with a signature mushroom syrup. 

I encourage you to stop by and see this fun, French exhibition at Sofitel St James. I hope you find it as a-peeling as I did. You just never know who may turnip!Sofitel St James Laroche Exhibition

Sofitel St James Laroche ExhibitionWhat do you think, Sunny friends? What interesting art exhibitions have you attended?

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    1. I really didn’t hold back much on this one. It was just a great opportunity to have fun. Thanks for photo compliment. You’re like rock star quality though 😉

  1. Is it me? Or do some of those vegetables look vaguely sexual? It’s french sculpture – maybe it’s supposed to be! great photos. Never heard of giant vegetable sculptures before.

  2. Hi Sunny! The veggie sculptures are absolutely stunning and your photographs are beautiful. I do believe my favorite is the peas in the pod with the turnip a close second. I so enjoyed your humor and can just visualize you asking the guard about the asparagus. I’m sure he had a hard time keeping a stiff upper lip!!!

  3. The sculptures are beautiful, I love the modern twist on them with vibrant colours. Great idea to have them exhibited next to food. The picture of the girl captured in the picture is funny. The peas is a favourite Lucy x

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