Visiting London Guide Things to Do (or NOT)

How to Get Weird Looks When Visiting London

Visiting London as an American and worried about embarrassing yourself?

Even though English is spoken on both sides of the pond, there’s a huge difference in culture between the UK vs USA. After living here for three years as an American expat married to a lifelong Londoner, I’ve learned quite a few lessons about what to do in London and NOT to do! If I can help you not make the same mistakes I did so you enjoy your trip or adjust to life here faster, count me in!

From tips for the Underground to lessons for visiting pubs, I’ve tried to think of an array of advice videos to create for you on the Sunny News channel. This one will not only make you laugh but also guarantee you don’t look like a fool in the most basic situations!

Trust me.

So go on then. Take five minutes to learn about what you can do that I guarantee you will earn you weird looks when visiting London or living here.

Mr. Sunny has two more sneaky tips to add. He says you can definitely get some goofy glares if you dress alike to everyone with whom you’re traveling and… tell Londoner to ‘Have a Nice Day.’ 😉

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Visiting London Things to Do for Weird Looks

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