5 Reasons to Love Kiehl’s for Christmas!


How many times have you stared at rows of beauty products and wondered where to start? Kiehl’s could solve this problem for you, and that’s why this week’s #FaLaLaFriday feature is focused on this beauty brand. It’s a fabulous time of year to create a Kiehl’s Christmas wish list through a consultation like I had at one of their stores. But, before anyone jumps to any conclusions- this is not a sponsored post. In fact, I contacted Kiehl’s after an amazing Continue Reading »

Rosewood London, Cabaret and a Sexy Video!


Rosewood. That word kicks off one of the most acclaimed films of all time, Citizen Kane. Prior to this bursting dialogue, the audience sees a castle set far back from the road, encased in shadows and darkness. Orson Welles says the mysterious word, a snow globe falls from his hand and the mystery begins. From there, the viewer pieces together the puzzle. The puzzle ironically fits together through a blazing fire. Ok. Before you go immediately scrolling down to the blog Continue Reading »

Absolute Taste- Why I travelled 3 Hours for Cake!


Would you ever travel three hours for a piece of cake? I did the day I went to the Absolute Taste Dome Café. The reason why is probably because of you. That’s right. And, I’m going to explain why. As a London blogger I get invited to a lot of events. I wish I could attend them all. It’s just not possible. Some are scheduled the same times as others. Some aren’t a good match Continue Reading »

Covent Garden Christmas and a Beauty Balm Giveaway!


Covent Garden Christmas celebrations have officially kicked off! For me, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Combining my favourite holiday with my favourite place in the world makes me burst with inner sunshine! And, to make things super spectacular for Sunny in London readers, I am hosting a giveaway with my favourite British brand… Neal’s Yard Remedies! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh! However, just before I share how you can win an extra special beautilicious Continue Reading »

24 Karat Gold Afternoon Tea Menu and Giveaway!


What in the world could a 24 Karat Gold Afternoon Tea menu possibly look like? And, better yet, how can you have a chance to enjoy it? Through another partnership with Zomato, Sunny in London is featuring a golden opportunity! Oh, I’m not kidding, Sunny friends. You’re about to find out how you can win a £150 voucher for an afternoon tea menu which literally features gold. You see, once winter rolls in to London, the sun goes down Continue Reading »

The London Eye: Advice on how to Fly High!


The London Eye has skyrocketed to one of the most recognisable features in the London skyline in just 15 years. In fact, the first time I lived in London, it didn’t exist. At first, I found it kind of an odd figure protruding out of London’s regal skies.  Among centuries of historical monuments, there now sits a giant cantilevered observation wheel. It took a while, but it started to grow on me. I’m afraid of heights. But, that’s something you have to put Continue Reading »

How Carnaby London will ROCK Christmas!


Carnaby Street is known for its rockin’ history, but do you know that they have the biggest Christmas shopping party in London? This year I hear it’s gonna get loud. I mean really loud. For this week’s #FaLaLaFriday, I’m making sure you are singing loud AND shopping smart by giving you all the details on how to rock out your Christmas via Carnaby Street. This area, covering 13 streets, is known for throwing huge shopping parties. If Continue Reading »

How to Catch Champagne at London’s Andaz Hotel


Andaz Hotel’s Catch Champagne Bar makes sipping luxury super easy. Mr. Sunny and I gave it a go recently and had a really lovely time. I can just hear you saying righ now, ‘Sunny, did you ever meet a glass of champagne you didn’t like?’ Well, no, actually I haven’t. I love them all. The big and the small. And, I really love when a restaurant or bar makes the whole experience fantastic. Don’t you? Continue Reading »

5 Reasons to go to Bunnychow- NOW!


I made a huge mistake a few weeks ago when Bunnychow contacted me to stop in for their launch party. At the time, I was in Florida so I couldn’t attend. But the mistake was that I didn’t immediately go there when I returned. It wasn’t until a few days ago that I hit Bunnychow. Quite simply, I loved it for a lot of reasons. So, I’m going to spend a little blog time today Continue Reading »

Ho! Ho! Hotel Chocolat, a Tasting Adventure!


If you’re looking for a truly intoxicating date night, Hotel Chocolat offers the ultimate experience with their School of Chocolate! Mr Sunny and I spent an evening there captivated in metaphoric cocoa vaults. Here’s all the details for you, Sunny friends! Through a two hour tasting adventure created for any passionate chocolate lover, we gained insider knowledge and tasting tips. And, we did this all right in London’s Covent Garden! Hotel Chocolat Tasting Adventure: We arrived Continue Reading »