An Irish Pub in London (in a Church) with Wings Hotter than Hell


Would you believe there’s an Irish pub in London (in a church) with wings hotter than hell? Yes, Sunny friends, it’s true. But, before you read further, you need to know this pub review almost put Mr Sunny in the grave. I never thought there would be a day that a plate of chicken wings would cause my husband eternal pain. But, here’s the true story. I’d like to say it was a typical glorious sunny day in London, Continue Reading »

El Patron Restaurant- It’s Where to Party in Putney!


What kind of Florida girl in London turns down a party at a Mexican restaurant in London? Not this hot little tamale! Last Thursday I had the chance to pop in to El Patron restaurant in Putney and had a blast. Well, ok, I actually didn’t have a total blast. Since battling the flu for two weeks, I’ve been on super slo mo for way too long. But, I didn’t let that stop me from Continue Reading »

Afternoon Tea at Tombo with my Mr. Miyagi


If you were invited to try a Japanese afternoon tea, who would you take? Because I’m a sucker for Hollywood drama and sentiment, I chose to invite Selena to afternoon tea at Tombo Japanese Cafe and Deli. Let me tell you why… Before I had even moved to London in the beginning of 2014, I was reading her blog Selena the Places. What I loved the most was she seemed to make an extra effort to Continue Reading »

Le Garrick Covent Garden, A Love(less) Story?


What could be better than an invitation to have dinner at a French restaurant with a beautiful love story behind it? Not much, Sunny friends. So, when Le Garrick in Covent Garden extended this to me, I definitely felt an extra joie de vivre. You see, I’m very open regarding my passion for this area of London. Having lived here three times, the first location was on Great Russell Street inches from the British Museum. Each Continue Reading »

St Ermin’s Hotel ‘Flights of Fancy’ Champagne Afternoon Tea


What happens when there’s a few fabulous warm, sunny days in London during mid-February? The seasonal Spring afternoon tea menus starting sprouting! And, I was super excited to be one of the first bloggers to enjoy the St. Ermin’s Hotel ‘Flights of Fancy Champagne Afternoon Tea’ which is offered until the end of March. This Spring tea is the work of Chef of the Year and MasterChef finalist Adam Handling. It includes choices of Newby of Continue Reading »

LDNBloggersTea- A Guiltless Game of ‘Hyde and Seek’


The wait is finally over! The next LDNBloggersTea is now in place and is set for March 1st at one of London’s most prestigious addresses! The theme of this afternoon tea for London Bloggers is ‘Hyde and Seek.’ I’m so excited to show you all the reasons why we have chosen this exciting opportunity for our fantastic group. The Hyde and Seek LDNBloggersTea: The Venue Since November, I have been emailing and visiting hotels throughout Continue Reading »

How to Write a Review for a PR Company- The Invitation


Why is it important to know how to write a review for a PR company? This post is for bloggers who want to learn how to work more with PR companies for their blog.  If that is not one of your blogging goals, the advice here probably isn’t for you. There’s many different reasons people choose to blog. For me, I chose to write Sunny in London from a publicity perspective. The name not only reflects Continue Reading »

Muse of London Review- My ‘Not-so Frozen’ Makeover


When someone tweets you about a makeover opportunity, should you be flattered or concerned? In my case, I was grateful for the VIP Experience at Muse of London with Creative Director, Jason Cocking. When I decided to leave the United States in 2012 to get married and move to London, I knew it would involve some lifestyle sacrifices. One of the top cuts I made to account for the cost of living in London is regular Continue Reading »

Hop Over to Afternoon Tea at Playboy Club London


Do you know where you can find London’s sexiest afternoon tea? It’s without a doubt at The Playboy Club London. And what’s even better is anyone over the age of 18 can enjoy it. It’s open to non-members of the Playboy Club. And it truly is… an afternoon tea ‘with a playful twist and a tail’! How do I know all this? Because it’s the most recent adventure I’ve had via Sunny in London. The Continue Reading »

5 Crime Prevention Tips for London

Crime Prevention Tips London

One of the many reasons I chose to live in London is because it’s an extremely safe city, especially compared to Orlando or Miami. I can give you loads of facts to support this. However, it’s easiest just remind/inform you that London Metropolitan Police officers do not carry guns. That’s a very intriguing concept to Americans, especially to American police officers. Despite the very safe environment in London, crime naturally still exists. And, no one likes to be a Continue Reading »