5 Things British People Say that Drive Me Crazy!


There’s a few things British people say that really make me shake my head as an American expat living in London. I am not referring to the general words that are nearly common knowledge for their other names now on both sides of the pond. They have been posted and documented to death: – French Fries vs Chips – Band Aids vs. Plasters – Elevator vs. Lift – Apartment vs. Flat – Baby Stroller vs. Pram – Continue Reading »

Covent Garden Hotel Afternoon Tea and Tour


Who turns down the chance to have the Covent Garden Hotel Afternoon Tea? Not me. If you’re wondering why, then you need a little insight on the London scene. Luckily, I can help you with that. You see, the Covent Garden Hotel is one of six Firmdale Hotels in Central London. If you aren’t familiar with this extraordinary hotel group, grab a chair and get ready for mind-blowing visuals. As of this blog feature, I Continue Reading »

City Cruises London ThamesJet with GoPro- Speed Boat Tour


Looking for things to do in London that involve sightseeing and thrill seeking? If so, the City Cruises London ThamesJet experience should be at the top of your list. Mr. Sunny and I had the chance to take this speed boat tour on the River Thames, and we both feel it 100% ROCKED! And we have the video to prove it! When we received an invitation to enjoy the City Cruises London ThamesJet experience, I Continue Reading »

The Scoop on Godiva Ice Cream in London


What’s one food item I miss as an American expat living in London? Godiva Ice Cream. It’s available in many American grocery stores, right next to brands like Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs and Breyers. When I moved to London, I assumed Godiva Ice Cream would be something I could find fairly easily in places like Tesco. Not so much. You see, in America you can find Godiva chocolate many places. For example, there’s usually a Continue Reading »

Tommi’s Burger Joint- The Burger of the Month


What could be better on a Friday in London than popping in a burger joint to throw back thickly stacked juicy meat between two soft buns? If you ask Mr. Sunny and I, the answer is having the opportunity to test out the Burger of the Month on the day it launches! On May Day, Mr. Sunny and I made our way to Marylebone to Tommi’s Burger Joint for some sloppy burger fun on a Friday Continue Reading »

Mr Sunny’s Trip to Florida- Theme Parks or Beaches?


With the abundance of Spring sunshine this year in London, I’ve really been thinking about my next trip to Florida, my home state. I made it there a few times in 2014, and my last trip was this past January. What would really mean the most to me is having Mr. Sunny join me next time. He has never made a trip to Florida. He did spend a year living in California in his early Continue Reading »

Parts and Labour- It’s Where to Eat in London


How do you decide where to eat in London? There are so many options that it’s truly overwhelming. The East End is particularly flooded with multi-cultural cuisines, which makes it even tougher to make decisions if you’re in that area. This is why I am super excited to share with you a new discovery on London’s restaurant scene that will blow your mind. I. Am. Not. Kidding. When I received the invitation to enjoy a Continue Reading »

The Woodstock Pub- Meetup in Mayfair?


With our love of Japanese food and Mr. Sunny’s love of pubs, we both jumped at the chance to check out one of London’s latest food and drink venues- The Woodstock Pub. The concept is intriguing. The idea is an ‘extensive Japanese led drinks menu’ in which the venue acts as a ‘pit stop for a pint and skewer’ before heading home after work. After having an exceptionally delicious and fun experience there, I can absolutely Continue Reading »

Things to Do in Kingston- A Walking Tour with Hidden History


Why should you put a walking tour at the top of your things to do in Kingston Upon Thames? When I was invited to spend a few days in this richly historic area of Greater London, I learned so many fantastic secrets that I missed when exploring on my own. In fact, that’s exactly what happened my first night there. I started my visit to Kingston at Warren House, a gorgeous Victorian mansion. I enjoyed their Continue Reading »

Warren House Afternoon Tea and English Gardens


Do you like luxury, excellent food and serenity? Then you would love the Warren House Afternoon Tea, staycation and more. With so many options for staycations and afternoon tea in London, it’s tough to choose where to go when you have limited amounts of time. Since I live in North London, travelling down to Surrey to visit Kingston Upon Thames isn’t the easiest trip. However, when I received an invitation to spend an evening at Warren Continue Reading »