How Americans Celebrate 4th of July in London


Curious what to do if you’re an American who wants to celebrate 4th of July in London? It’s not as awkward as you might think. In fact, it’s been my experience that the Brits love the holiday too. But, when I first moved to London, I wasn’t really sure exactly what would be the protocol for the day Americans celebrate their Independence. As 4th of July in London got closer last year, I asked Mr. Sunny Continue Reading »

The Monument London, a Tower of Terror?


Have you ever been physically trapped somewhere? Suffer from claustrophobia? Afraid of heights? Have depth perception issues? If you raised your hand during any of these questions, you might want to skip a trip to The Monument London, which is built in recognition of the Great Fire of London 1666. The Monument is the tallest isolated stone column in the world. It was built in 1677 and is located at the junction of Monument Street and Fish Continue Reading »

Why Scarlets Covent Garden Restaurant is Cool!


All right Stop. Collaborate and Listen. Scarlets Covent Garden is here with a brand new invention. Ice! Ice, Baby! Oh yeahhhhh, Sunny friends, today I have just the place for you to cool off in this London heat wave- Scarlets Covent Garden restaurant and bar. You’ll never believe what’s sizzlin’ on their menu for summer. With temperatures set to hit 35 celsius (that’s a sweltering 95 degrees Fahrenheit for you Florida folk), London is on Continue Reading »

The View from the Shard with a GoPro?


If you’re looking for a really great date idea in London, get tickets to see The View from the Shard. I wrote a review last year on the breath-taking experience. When I received an invitation to go back to The Shard to enjoy their brand new summer garden, I couldn’t respond fast enough. It offers the highest vantage point in Europe at 800 metres. This means you are guaranteed outstanding pictures of London on a sunny Continue Reading »

Who You’ll See at London Madame Tussauds


What could possibly possess crowds and crowds of people to line up for tickets to the London Madame Tussauds? Have you been there? When I first lived in London, I visited the Museum on Baker Street out of curiosity. I also went for the same reason last week with Mr. Sunny. Well, that and the fact that Mr. Sunny loves Star Wars almost as much as he loves beer. The London Madame Tussauds Star Wars Continue Reading »

How to Take the Best Picture of London at Tower Bridge


With hundreds of years of history available as a backdrop, finding where to take the best picture of London could be a daunting task. Unless, you read this! Yes, Sunny friends, this week I have found location for the best picture in London for you. Forget your telephone booth in Westminster with Big Ben behind you pose, your ‘I almost made a Beefeater laugh at the Tower’ picture, and the ‘Look at me with a Continue Reading »

An American Review of Memphis the Musical in London


With so many reviews on Memphis the Musical in London available online, what could possibly make this one different? Two things. These are: – My American ears heard things that British ears can not. – I have musical directing experience. Let me explain. Memphis the Musical in London: The Sounds You’ll probably read everywhere that the vocals of the cast reach measures beyond stage expectations. Yes, they are that phenomenal. Leads, minor characters, and the Continue Reading »

A London Pub Crawl with Hollywood History


Interested in a London Pub Crawl that integrates beer and Hollywood history? We’ve found just the journey for you, Sunny friends! In honour of Mr. Sunny’s birthday week, we’re publishing what we think could be the best Sunny in London pub crawl on the blog. The irony of this London pub crawl is that it started on April 1st and didn’t end until Monday, June 1st. Why so much drama? Contrary to it starting on April Fools’ Continue Reading »

Getting Around London- A Transportation Guide

Advice for Riding the London Tube

Getting around London might not be as easy as recognizing all of its famous landmarks. There’s a variety of options you have for transportation in London that you might want to learn about before you arrive so you don’t waste precious vacation time stressing about travel around the town. It’s too big of a task to provide every detail you need to know for transportation in London in one blog article, so the guide below is designed Continue Reading »

A Sexy Night at Noir W1 in London


Popping in to London’s latest lounges is always a fun thing to do, especially when they’re in a great area of town. This is why I was very excited to visit Noir W1, a fairly new nightclub in Marylebone. It was a familiar location to me, as it’s exactly where the club Après used to be. In fact, if you can find Selfridges, you can find Noir W1. They’re gorgeous neighbours. Noir’s makeover is a Continue Reading »