Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere

Marchesi Cafe- How to Dine with Prada!

Marchesi Café, which is part of the Georgian Restaurant at Harrods, is quite simply the most fashionable place to drink, dine and be seen this month in London. Let me tell you why…

Marchesi Cafe- What’s the story?

In March, Prada acquired 80% of the 19th century Milanese eatery Pasticceria Marchesi. This historic shop in Milan is known for its pastries, chocolate and panettone. So, it’s only logical that when the power players of Prada set up their Pradasphere Exhibition in Harrods, they literally brought their own food.
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere

Miuccia Prada’s vision transcends visitors right in to the Prada experience. And you can achieve a full scale sensory journey, just like she intended, through touring both the Exhibition and dining at the Marchesi Café.

Italian Food, Prada and Harrods? I couldn’t wait for my lunch date at Marchesi Café with the fabulous Mina from Kings Road Rocks.
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
Simply put, Marchesi Café is incredible. It’s obvious Miuccia Prada’s exquisite eye for elegant and classic style was the lens for this creation.

The entrance to the Café is lined with chocolates from the pastry shop in Milan.
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere

I think that’s probably all the information you need to get your attenzione, right? 😉
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
But, let me tempt you even morrrrrrrre my fashion amores….

Marchesi Cafe- Cocktails

For my extravagant affair, I selected three cocktails. So did my rock star lunch mate. In such a posh setting, it’s necessary to sample as much bubbly as possible! Wouldn’t you agree?

Here’s my favourite champagne mixture, the Kir Royale. Next to it is Mina’s Champagne Cocktail, which features a dab of brandy and a sugar cube…
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
Second, we each had a Spritz.
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
Does that orange in my drink make you giggle?

You know I’m always keen to show you how to squeeze fresh Florida love in to London life! 😉

For our third round, we had another glass of champagne.
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
Of course, we enjoyed every sip of all our bubbly beverages!

Marchesi Cafe- Manga!

The menu reflects true Milanese delicacies. Simple. Fresh. Comforting.

Mina selected the Insalata di finocchi, arrance con acciughe for her Starter. The healthy colours popped all over her plate…

Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere

As I mentioned in my Confessions of a Blogger post, tomato and fresh mozzarella is one of my preferred Starter dishes.

Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
Mozzarella con pomodori (Buffalo mozzarella with sliced tomatoes and basil)

And, yes, I agree. Those are the biggest mozzarella balls on the planet. Or in this case, we should say, ‘Pradasphere.’

We also had a Mixed green salad (Insalata mista) and Carciofi affettati con parmigiano…

Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
Sliced artichoke with parmesan

Mina had the Involtini di Vitello…

Marchesi Cafe Harrods Pradasphere Prada
Veal rolled with prosciutto and sage served with fresh garden peas and mashed potatoes

This is my Risotto alla Milanese…

Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
Saffron Risotto (Acquerello Biologico Vercelli)

Ok. I know. It’s not a bowl of rainbow colours bouncing everywhere. However, this sexy saffron dish does look like a big sunshine on a plate! And who turns that down in London?

For dessert we shared the Selezione di dolci dalla Pasticceria Marchesi and Crème Caramel.
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
While both were divine, the Crème Caramel was so sensational it absolutely made my knees weak!

Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere

Marchesi Cafe- High Fashion

Every detail of the Marchesi Cafe is presented to perfection. However, what literally keeps it on fashion’s forefront is it borders the recently opened Pradasphere Exhibition at Harrods.

If you join me back on the blog this weekend, we’ll cross through these doors together….
Marchesi Cafe Harrods Prada Pradasphere
I will give you a glimpse of the private tour I had through the Pradasphere at Harrods! Stay tuned, Sunny friends…

The Pradasphere is open from May 2nd-29th at Harrods.

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