10 Harry Potter Things to Do in London

10 Harry Potter Things to Do in London

Are you planning a trip to London and need a list of Harry Potter Things to Do? As an American expat living in London, I frequently receive questions on social media and on the Sunny in London blog from Americans visiting London who love Harry Potter. They’re always wondering what they should do if they have a limited amount of time in town.

Aside from several specific reviews of Harry Potter activities, you’ll find differences between the Universal Studios Wizarding World of Harry Potter attraction and the Warner Bros Studio Tour and suggestions for how to get to the studio in London in the blog too. The most recent blog article is a Potions Class that is the closest thing to a Harry Potter Afternoon Tea that you will find in London.

However, if you want a list of 10 Harry Potter Things To Do in London, then take less than four minutes to watch what’s available in this YouTube video. The end features a sneaky tip for how to never miss notification about the best Harry Potter news in London.

Be sure to leave questions you have about the activities and general London trip planning in the comments below.

I also put together some questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure about whether or not to go to the Warner Bros Studio Tour. I’ve had quite a few emails from people who are overwhelmed with all the choices they have for what to see the first time they visit London and specifically ask about the Harry Potter Studio Tour. If that’s you too, then this is for you…

The Sunny News YouTube channel, shares even more advice for things to do and what you’ll need to know about London. This includes safety tips, pub advice, and a shopping guide. There is also a comparison on Things to Do in London for Christmas That You Can’t Do In NYC…

The blog also has a Guide for Americans Visiting London which is a collection of the top experiences I recommend. You’ll definitely want to bookmark it and visit the Pinterest boards created to help trip planning too.

Harry Potter Things to Do in London for Americans


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  1. HI
    Thank you so much for sharing.
    One question.
    What is the best way to go to the studios using public transportation?
    There’s four adults and four kids and we have already booked our tour.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Helga. If you’re staying in Central London, you’ll want to take the tube then overground to Watford. The Warner Bros website will tell you the exact stop. From there, they have shuttles from the station to studio (at an additional cost). You want to build in extra time. Shuttles don’t leave every 5 minutes. You could be waiting there 20 minutes for the next shuttle. Visit the TFL website for the exact train route. (Build in time there too). Have you read my blog post on how to get to the studio? It has a map that shows all of this best. Hope this helps!

  2. Hi, would you recommend upgrading the Warner Bros tickets to the ticket, souvenir guide and digital guide? Thank you!

    1. Hi Adrienne. Thank you for reading. I haven’t done either. It depends on your level of ‘fandom.’ I think it would be very, very informative. Ultimately, you need to think about how much time you want to spend there. To really maxmise your visit, go for it! (the digital guide, not a souvenir guide)

  3. Unfortunately the studio tour is sold out during our trip. How do you feel about using Golden Tours to purchase tickets & transportation to the studio tour?

  4. There’s not much I love in London as much as I love going to the WB studios. I think I’ve been there 3 times in total, and each time was as magical as it could get. I remember going there for the first time and buying a WB copy of the Half Blood Prince, with a little badge of authenticity on it. Good times…!

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